10 Top SaaS Brands on the Importance of Marketing

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Written by: Tony Adragna

Posted on: November 6, 2018

Some of the top software as a service (SaaS) brands across the country understand just how vital marketing is to the success of their companies. Without proper marketing, their brands wouldn’t be where they are today.

Launching a SaaS brand is exciting. Your developers and company executives probably put in months and months of work to get the software to function just right. But where many SaaS brands fall short is in the marketing of their product.

Just how important is marketing for SaaS brands? We’ll let them tell you.

Saas Brands on Marketing


“71% of B2B buyers go to the internet to get that information. Don't you want to be the one they find?

By creating content that specifically addresses topics relative to your niche industry, the buyers looking for your specific expertise will find you. And optimizing that content for the keywords your prospects and customers use will help put you in front of the specific people who have an interest in your product.”

Adobe Creative Cloud

“Everything we do has to reflect and strengthen the quality of our brand. Using our solutions, we’re redefining what it means to engage customers with high-impact content across channels and devices.”


“Marketing teams need to understand their role is not simply to get customers to the front door, but rather to stay with them for their entire lifecycle. Content can play an extremely significant role in that lifecycle and marketing plays a key part in distributing that content throughout their lifecycle. Content should be genuine and helpful, not crappy brochureware.”


“Clarity is so important for conversion, in part because we are such impatient internet animals. If we make our visitors strain and struggle to figure out what our offer is or why our business is unique, the back button will become the CTA, sending folks back to the next ad in the list.”


“You have to create a strong point of view and a vision of the future because people want to buy into the future even if they don't buy that whole vision upfront. That's critically important.”


“As an emerging vendor, we had to focus on marketing to the curious, adventurous bunch known as early adopters. This allows us to leverage our greatest advantage – user experience – because once an early adopter uses a product they love, they will spread the word.”


“Online advertising is aimed at increasing the volume of relevant traffic to GitLab's marketing site, website experiments are focused on improving web traffic-to-form submission conversion, and SEO is aimed at ensuring our marketing site ranks for the search engine keywords our audiences care about.”


“Everything begins with really understanding the customer problem and how to message in the most effective way that you’ve got a solution to that problem. That’s what you’re trying to do as a marketer is basically describe what you do for the customer in a way that helps them understand the value they’re going to get from your products or your service or what you do.”


“The best way of summarising our view of the marketing agenda is ‘data driven’. We’re heavily driven by the enormous amount of data we’ve collected, coupled with the overall performance of tactics as a whole in the market.

What we’re trying to get away from is one of the common problems I’ve seen in marketing, that people tend to look at the lane and not the swimming pool.”


“Customers have different needs at different stages of the funnel and marketers should target them accordingly to grow their business.”

SaaS Marketing Themes

As we examine the quotes from some of the top SaaS brands, we can see that marketing is vital to what they do, which obviously makes sense. But what we can disect from these brands is this:

  • Content is critical. It’s the backbone of your marketing messages.

  • Intimately understand your ideal customers and the marketing messages that will resonate with them that you have a solution to their problems.

  • Multi-channel marketing is vital. Focusing all of your efforts on one marketing channel likely won’t yield you the best results.

  • Look toward the future. Market that your brand’s software is built to last and can help solve future problems that haven’t even arrived yet.

  • Be genuine. Customers can see right through marketing fluff. Get to know your ideal customers, discover the problems they’re facing, and be genuine in your messaging about helping them.

While your SaaS brand may not be as large as the brands mentioned above, those brands all started as a small service with big aspirations. But to grow, they knew they had to capitalize on their marketing efforts.

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