6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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Written by: Tony Adragna

Posted on: July 23, 2018

Social media marketing is no longer a new tactic that businesses are thinking about trying out. It’s become an integral part of many digital marketing strategies. As more and more businesses enter the social media landscape, we have been able to see what works and what doesn’t.

Unfortunately, many companies jump into social media because they think it’s something they should be doing. However, they can actually hurt their brand more than they help it by falling victim to social media marketing mistakes.

Below, we discuss some of the most prominent mistakes we see on social media that we think your brand should avoid.

No Social Media Strategy

As we said, sometimes businesses jump into social media because they know it’s something they should be doing, but they do it without having a strategy.

Often times, a brand will set up social profiles, add all their necessary company and contact information, get motivated and post for a few weeks, and then go radio silent. The result is followers and prospects getting used to a social presence on their timelines and feeds from these companies, only to lose contact with that organization after a few weeks.

Rather than diving right into social, your business needs a strategy. This strategy involves:

By having a clearly defined strategy, you’re able to avoid the pitfalls of your profiles becoming dormant.

Self-Promotion Only

Social media is just like any other type of relationship, nobody wants to hear you talk only about yourself. The “enough about you, let’s talk about me” mentality tends to turn prospects and followers off.

While there is a place to promote your company’s posts and products, be sure that isn’t the only type of content that you are posting.

Instead, you should link to other stories and posts that your audience may find interesting, and engage in conversation with your followers about industry trends. This approach is far less likely to turn your audience off to your business.

Poor Engagement

You will often see organizations that post several links and thoughts on social media, but choose to never engage with their audience. Not only does this dehumanize your organization, but it makes your audience feel unimportant.


A few engagement tactics that can help to humanize your brand are:

  • Respond to questions that your audience has
  • Ease concerns a prospect or customer may have
  • Thank audience members that give feedback on posts or products

Something else to keep in mind is that you should never engage in a back-and-forth battle with an upset prospect or customer.

Hashtag Misuse

When it comes to hashtags, many organizations have no idea that there is actually an art to using them. Mistakes you’ll often see companies make with hashtags are:

  • Using too many in one post
  • Starting hashtags with numbers
  • Using special characters, symbols, and spaces
  • Using phrases that are too long

Keep in mind that hashtags are more prominent on some social networks, while others don’t even allow them. The hashtags your brand uses in posts should be specific, relevant, and ultimately not take away from the meat of your post.

Fake Followers

A trap you’ll see companies fall into is that they want to boost their followers, so they invest time and money into tactics that aren’t useful.

You should never buy follower lists, as they are full of fake accounts and the followers are not members of your targeted audience.

Another tactic you will want to avoid is running a contest with a generic item like an iPad as the giveaway. While this may help to attract more followers to your organization, the likelihood of them being part of your targeted audience is low.

Instead, a giveaway of one of your products, services, or something that closely aligns with your business is much more likely to attract your targeted audience.

Instead, your business should grow an organic network of your targeted audience.

Not Evaluating Analytics

When your company implements content and email marketing strategies, you are hopefully looking at the analytics to see how those tactics are performing. Social media marketing should be no different.

The analytics you choose to track goes back to the goals you defined in your social strategy and what you want to get out of your social media presence.

You may be looking at engagement analytics (likes, retweets, favorites, etc.), number of followers, or the traffic each account is generating to your brand’s website.

The analytics your organization chooses to track is up to you, but it certainly is not something that you should neglect.

Deciding to use social media for your business can help elevate your company to new heights, but you also need to keep in mind that, without the proper strategy, it could negatively impact you.

Be sure to take the proper amount of time to help develop your brand’s online reputation and avoid the social media pitfalls highlighted above.

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