Why Website Themes are a Bad Idea

Category: Website Design

Written by: Jerred Hurst


Website themes seem to be the go to solution for a lot of folks lately. Primarily, agencies that do not have knowledgeable developers and designers or budget constrained small business owners.

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So, it's finally time to revamp your company website.  You've read about outsourcing a website project to international vendors that boast large teams and fast turnaround times, and you wonder if it might be the right option for you. While it may seem like a no brainer...things aren’t always as easy as they seem.

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Gone are the days of simply having a website. Studies have shown that a visitor chooses to leave or stay within a half a second of being on your site. So, what makes a website so good that it will hold your visitor’s attention, and turn them into leads?

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It takes about two minutes into a night on the trail for you to realize the importance of a tent. It must be built to withstand the elements and keep you warm, dry, and protected from wind, hail, and snow. A tent also needs to be strong without being heavy or cumbersome, and it needs to be easy to assemble and take down. If it’s easy on the eyes, that doesn’t hurt either. Having a tent that looks nice sends a message to others that your gear is almost as cool as you are.

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