Another year has gone by and your company is still spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on internal software solutions. Too often, companies find themselves at the mercy of third party technology systems. Instead of using one system to manage the daily needs of business operation, multiple tools are used to facilitate sales, payroll, internal data, inventory, client relations, billing and expenses. It is more often a headache and multistep process than a streamline business function.

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Why The Lowest Price Mentality Is Costing You More


Written by: Jessica Hicks


Whether you are a large or small business, B2B or B2C, there are typically two types of business owner mentalities: a bargain broker or a value enthusiast. All businesses aim for financial efficiency, but one will aim to maintain value over profits and the other may cut its lifecycle short by pinching pennies.

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There was a time in my career where my day to day consisted of straight cold calling. I would walk into work with my very large cup of coffee, pull open Salesforce, open up my list of 100 for the day and spend the next eight hours cold calling random businesses. They were always random because I never knew where the call lists came from or if they even had a need for what we had to offer. Now, whether you are currently in sales or manage a sales team, you more than likely have run into a few of these scenarios when contacting a cold list:

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As a coach and speaker on the topic of healthy website design and development, I spend an incredible amount of time educating business owners on the benefits of a custom website. I often find gaps in understanding, needing to not only enlighten companies on the differences between custom vs. templated sites, but also shift their perspective to a more sensible web approach.

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