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Company Culture: Balancing Fun and Focus

Category: company culture

Written by: Lacey Wilcox


Building a positive company culture can feel a little bit like balancing on a slackline. Your employees are the most critical component of your company. Without their effort and success, it’s likely you won’t have customers for very long. But, at times it can feel like it’s a delicate balance between creating an environment they really enjoy and still maintaining a focus on excellence in work.

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Customer retention is critical to growing your business. If you can’t retain your current customers, what is the point in trying to acquire new ones? Caring for customers well should be at the forefront of your team’s mind on a daily basis, and you need to do everything you can to help them carry out this goal well.

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Growing your business requires an intentional digital presence and marketing strategy, and it all starts with your website. You can’t expect to generate leads if you greet your online visitors with a site that is cluttered, unhelpful, and difficult to navigate.

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As a marketing director, one of your biggest concerns and goals is generating leads to grow your business. The inbound marketing methodology allows you to do just that. If your team is going to embrace this method, they’ll also need a tool that makes inbound marketing possible.

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