Reasons You Should Perform a Quarterly Site Audit


Written by: Scott Umberfield


Getting a brand new website is a little like getting a brand new car. It’s shiny, it’s fast, and lots of people want to admire it and take it for a spin. But no brand new car stays that way, and eventually you need to get some maintenance done on it to keep it running at top performance. Your website is the same way: over time, things can break and performance can slip, so a fantastic way of performing some crucial maintenance is by doing regular site audits. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so here are some ways that a quarterly site audit can save you headaches and keep everything running at peak state.

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Most companies turn first to off-the-shelf software or cloud-based applications to meet their business needs. And rightly so: there are so many great options to choose from that can give you the tools you need to move your business forward. But every business has unique challenges and needs, and customized software could be the ideal solution for your specific problems or processes. It’s all about finding the right tool for the job and striking a balance between short-term needs and long-term growth. There are some distinct advantages to creating your own technology solutions, and a piece of custom-built software could be an important step in the growth of your business.

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What does it take to unleash the talents of your team? For managers, this is an important question with huge implications for their company, and a growing body of research has a compelling answer: Strength-Based Management. Employees who are consistently encouraged to develop and use their strengths in their work are more engaged, more loyal, and more productive. There is a strong link between strengths and employee engagement, so how can you use the talents, knowledge, skills, and experience of your employees to turn them into a highly productive, highly engaged team?

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Conversational marketing: It’s an exciting new idea in the world of lead qualification, and if your job lies somewhere on the spectrum of marketing and sales, maybe you’ve heard of it. You may also be aware that the conventional process of gathering leads, qualifying them, and connecting them to your sales team is fraught with inefficiencies, wasted time, and mixed results.

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