Avoid Embarrassing Content Errors With Growth-Driven Design

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Written by: Leisa Redmon

Posted on: July 8, 2019

Close your eyes. Imagine a world where your business generates 46 million unique visitors, all rushing to your website to learn about your newest, most innovative digital marketing strategy, only to see you spelled “makreting” wrong. Oof. Now, open your eyes and imagine no longer as we recall a similar moment in the recent past when an eagle-eyed patriot pointed out the typo on Australia’s new $50 bill.

Audits matter.

With the greater majority of your brand presence living online – blogs, landing pages, ebooks, infographics, and more – it’s important for regular edits to occur to prevent poor first impressions and to further establish your brand as a thought leader within the industry.

Small typos

In 1962, NASA’s Mariner 1 was set to fly by Venus in a ground-breaking mission to collect scientific data. Instead, it blew up. The cause? A missing hyphen in a formula. In 2017, Amazon announced that a mistyped command caused its cloud-computing service to fail, prompting an error worth an estimated $150 million. While not all small typos add up to multi-million dollar grievances, there is evidence to show that even the smallest of typos in ads reduced the click rate of an ad by up to 70% – a humongous potential loss in profits.

Concise grammar, void of typos, is the “between” in the phrase “read between the lines.” It expresses so much when saying, or not saying, so little. In a world where the majority of consumer interactions and first impressions all occur online, understanding the rules of grammar and knowing how to use them with accuracy conveys:

  • Credibility: caring about the perception of your brand
  • Professionalism: caring about a body of work
  • Critical thinking: building upon arguments and linking ideas 
  • Intellectual proficiency: knowing the difference between there, their, and they’re.

By taking more detailed steps to eliminate even the smallest of typos, you further validate your presence within your market and further advance your brand’s credibility.

Big “picture” typos


Do you remember the Washington Post’s National Women’s March screwup? This flub is a prime example of not seeing the forest for the trees – a fairly astute phrase that applies to your business making routine edits to your company’s content without understanding the scope of its context. Not only does content reference the written word, but it also alludes to how your visuals coalesce within the umbrella of your brand.

Wonderful content lays a picturesque foundation in which to generate leads and improve the value of your company. However, if your execution is poor, you simply won’t stand a chance. 

Establish, and regularly use, your auditing system

It’s easy to let out a huge sigh of relief when your first draft of content is complete. But, rarely is the first draft a final draft. It’s common for copy architects and content creators alike to develop content fatigue after sitting in front of a screen staring at the same phrases and media over and over again. Developing systems in your digital marketing strategy will help to mitigate typos and content errors.

  • Create an outline to process thoughts and to stabilize your intended direction.
  • Utilize a grammar checking software like Grammarly.
  • Continuously proof your content. 
  • Leave. Come back. Repeat. (Continuously proof your content.)
  • Recruit fresh eyes to view and dissect your content. 

Delicately auditing heaps of content within your company’s portfolio can be a daunting task. However, it no longer needs to be. Our Growth-Driven Design model is a simple yet highly innovative way to build-in consistent edits and audits while simultaneously analyzing real-time data that can empower growth within your content, and ultimately, your business. 

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