Creating a Sales Strategy for the New Year

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Written by: Lacey Wilcox

Posted on: December 11, 2018

As you’re thinking about your goals for the upcoming year, it’s very likely some of them involve the growth of your business. While there are many aspects of business growth, the most clear cut and obvious is increasing revenue. And that means you need a sales strategy that will bring in new revenue.

Creating a Sales Strategy for the New Year

Sales might sound like a pretty straightforward venture: you meet with prospects and try to convince them your business can solve their problems; but it’s much more nuanced and complex than that. An effective, well-thought out sales strategy will serve to consistently bring in the revenue you need to maintain healthy growth.

Start with Your Business Goals

It’s impossible to create a strategy without knowing where you’re heading. Once you know what your revenue goals are for the next year, you can create a strategy for how your sales team will generate that revenue. If you’re unsure where to start with your goals, check out our blog post on setting business goals for the upcoming year.

Evaluate Your Current System

The beauty of using a proven method like inbound marketing is that your business becomes its own lead-generating machine. As your team consistently cranks out valuable content that meets the needs of potential customers, you begin to develop a database of contacts who are interested in your business. As these leads interact more with your business, they become prospects for your sales team

This process is critical for growing your business, and it needs to be evaluated on a regular basis to make sure it’s working properly so that your sales team has a steady stream of prospects who are qualified to work with your business. Are there any areas where sales-ready leads are falling through the cracks? Are the leads that are coming to your sales team truly ready to make a decision about your business? Does your sales team have the tools it needs to be most effective? Are there any tools you could get rid of or cancel to save money?

Once you’ve evaluated your current setup, you can begin to strategize critical activity your sales team needs to undergo to close deals that will lead to incoming revenue.

Critical Activity for Your Sales Team

While inbound marketing is an incredibly effective, proven method, it doesn’t give your sales team free reign to just wait for leads to come to them. Instead, this team needs to be one of the most proactive of your business. There are key steps your sales team can take to turn prospects into customers. Here are some of the key activities your sales team needs to be doing to be successful:  

  • Create a list of prospects who are a good fit for your business.
  • Connect with these prospects through an email or phone call.
  • meetingInitiate a discovery meeting: this serves as a “get-to-know-you time”. It allows you and the prospect to discover whether or not you’re a good fit for one another.
  • Set up a diagnostic meeting. Once you and the prospect have had a chance to decide your relationship has potential, you need to set up a more thorough, diagnostic meeting. This is where you identify the exact needs the prospect has and how your business can meet them.
  • If the diagnostic meeting goes well, you can create and submit a proposal for your services. This proposal outlines exactly what your work for the client would look like and what it would cost, and makes it perfectly clear what both sides can expect from this partnership.

Create a Means of Measuring Success

Finally, you must have a way to measure your progress and analyze your efforts. One of the best ways to do this is through your CRM. We use Hubspot to track our relationship with prospects, show whether a deal is won or lost, and view a prospect’s interactions with our website and content. Not only does Hubspot provide a way to keep all of this information in one place, it also allows us to easily see what’s working and what’s not. We’re able to adjust and adapt far more quickly than we would without this data.

This is really an exciting time of year for your business: you have the opportunity to finish the current year with excellence, and you can look forward to what is coming with anticipation. When you’ve taken the time to set goals for growth and developed a sales strategy that will get you there, you and your team really do have a lot to look forward to in the months ahead.

As you’re thinking about your sales strategy for the new year, you might realize that what your business needs is support. That’s where we can come in. We’ve served dozens of businesses through the years with everything from social media marketing to content creation to sales strategy. We can help your business craft digital solutions that generate leads and help you close deals. Interested in learning more? Click the image below to receive a call from someone on our team.

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