Customer Connections: Why Follow-Up is Crucial to Your Business

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Written by: Leisa Redmon

Posted on: August 23, 2019

You’ve finally decided to go all-in on your latest hobby, and for the sake of this analogy, let’s just say that hobby is everyone’s favorite pastime: running.

Insert dramatic pause and perhaps a few sighs because, well...running. (I digress.)

Whether or not we genuinely love calling open roads and backwoods trails “home,” we have all most likely experienced the commonality of embarking on a new endeavor. And, in an effort to further the analogy of running, while seeking out knowledge on the latest shoes and carbohydrate-laden gels might be exciting, it can take quite a bit of time and energy.

As marketers, we aim to value that effort. Equipped with the awareness that no one wants to purchase from a company notorious for a “hit and run” style that devalues a customer’s time, we can confidently state the art of the follow-up is crucial to the sustainability and success of your business. And, even though the ultimate goal of any follow up is to generate more sales for your company, the slightly more inconspicuous reason for a quality follow-up is a bit more nuanced. 

  • People like feeling appreciated by companies they’ve chosen to do business with.
  • Customers are more likely to engage in another purchase from a brand or individual they trust.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why your company should continue fostering the customer relationship, just like you would when nurturing a lead, and master the follow-up. 

Repeat business

Especially nowadays, where robocalls and spambots appear to be the new norm, follow up calls might fall victim to being denied. However, a rejected call is not an invitation to make a hard stop when it comes to engaging and delighting a customer.

Taking the time to leave a message acknowledging a customer’s needs and requests, or even merely appreciating their business through an email, is a massive deposit into the emotional sector of your business’s bank account. A friendly disposition and genuine care for the needs of the consumer will undoubtedly leave a sweet memory for the customer to recollect upon the next time they’re in the market for what your company provides.

Customer experienceCustomer-experience

The customer won’t stay with you if you ignore them in a time of vulnerability. Wait...what does that mean? Don’t kick the customer when they’re down!

Sometimes experiencing new products means taking a risk in hopes of receiving a reward far more significant than could be imagined. Furthermore, the uncertainties your customer embarks upon when choosing your product or service might not be the most noticeable to the common eye. So, when contacting an individual, make a concerted effort to hear their personal experience through an unbiased lens. Did they enjoy the purchasing process? Did the product arrive damaged? Were there critical steps in the buyer journey that could have been better?

Regardless of the answers that lay on the other side of these questions, the most crucial aspect of the process is engaging and listening to the customer. Remember! Their experience is personal to them and should be valued as facts that serve to enhance your brand, not opinions that dull it.

Receiving feedback

It’s important to remember we cannot expect 100% satisfaction simply because we wish it to be, and as a business, we are not the gatekeepers to a consumer’s perception of our product. A follow up from a customer gives them a real-time chance to be heard. By keeping an open mind to what the customer says, and utilizing their feedback appropriately, your company can improve products which will ultimately increase sales.

Knocking out the competition

When a customer chooses you, they naturally do not select your competitor. It’s really that simple. But an added incentive to following up with a consumer is making that person feel valued. When a customer feels appreciated by a brand, they are more apt to speak positively to other people about your offerings, in turn creating more overall sales for your business.

Ensuring an excellent reputation is fantastic, but building a loyal client base is what your business should seek. Aim to continue to build the relationship with the customer, just as you did when they were a lead, and watch your company thrive in product quality, sales, reputation, and customer happiness...all at once.

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