Customer Relationship Tips All Your Employees Should Follow

Category: Business Growth and Sales

Written by: Lacey Wilcox

Posted on: June 26, 2019

Customer retention is critical to growing your business. If you can’t retain your current customers, what is the point in trying to acquire new ones? Caring for customers well should be at the forefront of your team’s mind on a daily basis, and you need to do everything you can to help them carry out this goal well.

Here are a few tips your team can follow to help them build positive relationships with current customers. These customer relationship tips will serve as a jumping off point to help your team build your own process to delight and care for your customers.

Be Prompt in Communicating with Customers

When you are timely in your communication with clients, you communicate a high level of care and attention to detail. Responding quickly to phone calls or emails automatically portrays a sense of excellence and alertness that customers immediately trust. Create a policy for client communication with your account managers. For example, if a client emails you in the morning, they should receive a response by noon at the latest. If an email or a phone call comes in the afternoon, your team should do their best to respond before your business closes for the day. 

Know Which Form of Communication is BestKnow-Which-Form-of-Communication-is-Best

Part of building positive customer relationships is understanding which form of communication to use in a given situation. Some customers prefer emails or texts, while others work better with phone calls or in-person meetings. Meeting your customers’ needs includes intentionally communicating with them in the ways to which they will respond best. 

While emails and texts are incredibly efficient, there will be times your team needs to make a quick phone call to clear up an issue that is confusing or hard to understand by email. Physical touchpoints like a call, video conference, or in-person meeting allow for gestures and tone of voice to be understood, and can eliminate any confusion that can come with a quick email.

Be Quick to Admit and Fix Mistakes

Your team is going to make mistakes. It’s human nature, and it’s completely understandable. Instead of fearing mistakes or denying their inevitability, communicate with your team the importance of admitting them and working to fix them.  

While none of us likes admitting mistakes, they can actually provide a great opportunity to deepen a customer relationship. When customers see how quickly your team admits they messed up and work to fix it, they’re likely to trust you even more. 

Work to Understand a Client’s Perspective

Your clients have a unique set of problems and pain points. The better your team understands their viewpoint, the better you’ll be able to solve those problems and meet clients’ needs and offer a higher level of customer service. When your clients feel both heard and understood, they are more likely to trust their relationship with your business, be patient with any mistakes that may arise, and share about your business with their friends. 

Be as Proactive as Possible 

Finally, the more your team can be proactive with your customers, the better they will be able to serve them and earn their trust. Work with your team to help them anticipate potential problems or needs before they happen, and develop a plan to always be the one leading your customers. The less a customer has to initiate meetings, regular services, etc., the more they will see you as the expert and trust your knowledge and your process. 

Building Customer Relationships Starts with Your Team

It is impossible to care for customers well without first building and caring for your team. When you care for your team well and set them up to succeed, they will then care for your customers well. 

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