Does Outsourcing Your Website Project Make Sense?

Category: Web Design Development

Written by: Jerred Hurst

Posted on: October 6, 2017

So, it's finally time to revamp your company website.  You've read about outsourcing a website project to international vendors that boast large teams and fast turnaround times, and you wonder if it might be the right option for you. While it may seem like a no brainer...things aren’t always as easy as they seem.Many of our clients started out contemplating the very same decision.  But, based on our experience, we’d like to share with you our thoughts on why outsourcing your website project to another country may not be such a good idea.

Battling Cultural Barriers

You don't have to be a cultural expert to know that the way we interpret information in one country may not be interpreted the same way in another. Something that is often overlooked is the inefficiency of having to overcome language barriers and specific word meanings with overseas firms. It often takes companies more time to explain the project in a way that can be understood to all parties than it takes to actually carry it out. For example, a company that uses an employee tracking software needed support with a specific feature to track employee breaks. While trying to explain what was needed to an overseas firm, confusion ensued, resulting in hours and hours of back and forth. These hours translate to time lost and money spent.  At first glance, the project above may have seemed simple to the company trying to execute it, but explaining the project details lead to more work and money than the project was probably worth.

Managing Accountability

Unfortunately, this is something we hear from new website clients all the time.  Trying to hold overseas firms accountable for anything is next to impossible.  Often, companies aren’t informed of where the work is taking place or who is actually doing it. Even when a company sets goals and a timeline with an overseas firm, they aren’t provided with the right information to stay in touch with the person carrying out the work - which leads to delays and confusion. 

Ensuring Quality Control

Even if a project is carried out in a seemingly timely fashion with an overseas firm, the quality of the project may not always be what was expected. It is very difficult to ensure that the code being written for your site is high quality.  While overseas companies will market their portfolio, it is often from their most high-end developers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean those developers will be taking on your project. If the parameters of the project (including the expected result) aren’t mapped out from the very beginning, overseas companies will often claim that they completed the project and met the goals, without taking responsibility for the quality.  

Outsourcing Locally


Not only does outsourcing a website project locally support your local economy, it gives you peace of mind that your project will be completed exactly in the way that you hoped. There are many vendors to choose from when looking to outsource your website project. Be sure to work with a company that prides themselves on their availability to discuss the project every step of the way, their willingness to learn about you and your goals, and their level of quality for each component of the project, including which developer will be responsible for delivering that quality. Of course, mistakes happen, but you want to be sure that the website vendor you choose takes accountability for those mistakes and works diligently to correct them.

Making the Right Decision

Even though we’ve provided a few reasons why outsourcing a website project to an overseas firm is not always the best idea, it completely depends on the company, the goals, and the expected result. The important thing to remember is that every company is different. Before making a decision, do your research. Make sure you are making the right decision for your company, at the right time, for the right price.


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