Five Easiest Email Strategies to Skyrocket Client Engagement

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Written by: Leisa Redmon

Posted on: May 29, 2019

With an estimated 3.8 billion email users worldwide, the urgency to engage consumers with consistent brand messaging is incredibly important. While the tips, tricks, and suggestions out on the web are vast and easily overwhelming, we’ve compiled a list of the five easiest email strategies to skyrocket client engagement that you can implement and roll-out, today.


No client wants to feel as though they’re just a cog in your business’s marketing wheel. With how easy it is now to personalize automated emails, it becomes more evident to a client when you neglect this simple yet effective strategy. At an astounding 69%, US consumers now state it’s highly important for them to be acknowledged by a company for their loyalty to that brand. Whether sending a “Congratulations on your first purchase” email or providing recommendations on Labor Day sale items they may have been browsing, personalizing your emails opens up an opportunity for the consumer to feel valued within your company.

Don’t Overdo ItDont-Overdo-It

Marketers are notorious for thinking the number of emails sent out is far less than believed by the consumer. The reason being while marketers might only send a handful of segmented emails, the number of times a consumer might sign-up for offers, promos, and email lists inflates the number of emails an individual might receive in their inbox per week, as opposed to emails per company. This fact alone yields a high need to keep the attention of the recipient with a short and enticing subject line, as well as short bodies of copy. Unless you need to communicate a litany of issues, keep your emails short, sweet, and to the point.

Don’t Neglect the Mobile User

Mobile users have accounted for 46% of all email opens, with webmail and desktop rounding out the numbers at 35% and 18% respectively. With an increasing number of email users opting to utilize their mobile devices, it’s imperative to ensure your emails are optimized for mobile and to keep any images formatted properly. While, luckily, mobile emails have surpassed the “daunting” stage within the email marketing space, make sure you’re still being proactive and doing your due diligence by testing your campaigns prior to rollout.

Stay Visible

Sure, you know your brand colors and fonts, and even your core values which might make creating quality content a fairly easy task. But once that content is created, is it left to fend for itself on the blog section of your business’s website? Or are you implementing processes to provide a fully optimized reach with active client engagement? Brand and content visibility is key. When you allow consumers to engage with your brand in a different way, you’re able to cast a much wider net, all within the structure of a strategic email marketing campaign. The fact of the matter is some consumers simply won’t actively seek out your content on your blogs, as gold-star as they might be. However, by linking your social media accounts with visually appealing graphics, for example, you keep the business relationship moving forward outside traditional communication methods. This will keep your target market actively engaged with you and your brand.

Segment Your Audience

Simply stated, if you don’t segment your audience prior to rolling out an email campaign, you run the risk of consumers opting out of emails or, arguably even worse, marking your emails as spam. The type of email sent should be heavily dependent on the stage of the buyer’s journey the consumer is in. It’s naive to think your business will only cater to one type of customer, and by targeting the right audience for the right message or promotion, you’ll reduce list fatigue as well as allow your business to gather more composite data on these personas.

A few personalized details coupled with intentional steps to keep the conversation going with your clients will undoubtedly jumpstart your client engagement. Learn new, effective strategies, tips, and more by subscribing to our blog now.
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