Healthcare Marketing: 5 Tips for a Quality Digital Marketing Strategy

Category: Inbound Marketing

Written by: Tony Adragna

Posted on: January 17, 2018

Digital marketing plays a significant role in the healthcare space, and it’s important for your healthcare company to stay on top of emerging trends. But healthcare marketing requires a robust strategy to reach your targeted audience.

In this post, we highlight five tips to building a quality digital marketing strategy for healthcare.

Digital Marketing Tips for Healthcare

Welcoming Website

Your company’s website is your most important digital asset with it comes to healthcare marketing, and you should treat it as such. Often times, it is the first impression that your audience will have about your brand, so you should aim to make it a good one.

This means that your website should be:

  • Easy to navigate - It shouldn’t be hard for your visitors to find elements on your site.
  • Focused - Be sure that your message is clear and focused. Your copy should be directed toward your targeted audience.
  • Visually appealing - To put it bluntly, an ugly website is going to be a turnoff for visitors.
  • Informative and up to date - The information that you provide on your website should be helpful and accurate.

Informational BlogHealthcare Marketing

Creating an informational blog for your healthcare company allows you to become a thought leader in your industry. You can offer advice, tips, and answer questions that your audience may have.

Not only can you position your company as thought leaders with a blog, but it also enables you to have a robust search engine optimization strategy. By creating blog posts that incorporate a keyword strategy, you can position your website to come up when your targeted audience searches for terms relevant to your industry.

Helpful Videos

According to HubSpot, ⅓ of all activity on the internet is spent watching videos. Incorporating helpful videos into your digital marketing strategy can help set your company apart from the competition.

Just like the blog, helpful videos also allow your brand to become thought leaders by providing helpful information for your user base.

Ideas for video content include:

  • Product demos
  • Testimonials
  • How-to’s
  • Behind the scenes
  • Live events
  • Announcements
  • Q&As
  • Motion graphics

Social Media Strategy

A strong social media strategy is a must when it comes to healthcare marketing. Social media allows you to connect with your audience, promote your content, and get a pulse for what’s happening in your industry.

Some tips for a strong social media strategy are:

  • Use a social management tool - These tools allow you to schedule posts in advance and publish to multiple platforms at one time.
  • Post where your audience is - Post to the networks that your targeted audience primarily uses.
  • Create engaging content - Don’t post on your social accounts like your brand is a robot. Make your posts engaging and try to humanize your brand.
  • Post consistently - Your brand should be posting enough where you’re able to stay top-of-mind with your audience.
  • Interact - If your audience engages with your company, you should make it your team’s priority to respond to them as quickly as possible. This helps to humanize your brand.
  • Monitor analytics - Track your social metrics to see what type of content is resonating with your audience and if you need to make shifts in your strategy.

Email Strategy

To have the best digital marketing strategy possible, your brand needs to have an email strategy. Email allows you to send your contacts messages about relevant topics in your industry. Email ideas include:

  • Newsletters
  • Blog post roundups
  • Video promotion
  • Industry news
  • Company announcements
  • Product promotion

Also be sure to segment your email lists. This allows you to send the right emails to the right contacts, which prevents high unsubscribe rates by providing relevant content to your audience.

In 2018, incorporating digital into your healthcare marketing strategy is a must. By following the five tips we highlighted above, you’ll be on the right track to a quality digital marketing strategy.

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