How Changing Your Routine Can Boost Creativity In Content Creation

Category: Business Growth content creation

Written by: Ruth Perkins

Posted on: April 19, 2019

Some routines are good, like setting aside time to exercise every day or going to bed at the same time every night, but other habits can hinder your content creation. Going to the same office, sitting at the same desk, and doing the same tasks day after day not only sounds mundane, but it also kills the creativity that you need to continually put out content your audience will appreciate. Shifting your routine and your mindset will help keep you creating new content long after you might expect.

Change Your Intentions.

Changing your routine can help signal to your brain that your intentions are changing and gives the boost you need to get out of a creative rut. For example, you decide to spend the morning at your local coffee shop, working on a specific project. Your brain knows that you are at that location for an intended purpose and therefore you’ll likely have an easier time focusing on that project. Your mind will recognize that you’re there for the sole purpose of working which can help you focus and keep your brain engaged in creating new ideas.

Break Unproductive Habits.Break-Unproductive-Habits

Who hasn’t felt the 2 o’clock slump in the middle of the workday? It’s right after lunch, the office is the perfect temperature, and you’re not feeling especially creative. Instead of getting on social media, try working away from your desk for a little while. Getting away from your usual workspace or even out of the office can help your brain reset and be ready for an afternoon of new ideas and products. It’s easy to fall into old habits when they're part of your routine. Changing your pattern can help keep you productive and creative all day long.

Exercise Your Brain’s Neuroplasticity.

Having new experiences helps your brain make old connections in new ways and even make new connections that you may have otherwise never considered. These unique experiences (even if they are minor) spark new ideas that you can then use in your content creation. This is sometimes referred to as neuroplasticity. In its simplest form, it is your brain making new and different connections than the ones previously made. The bigger the new experience is, the more it can help create these new synapses and pathways in your brain.

Turn Off Auto-Pilot!

Have you ever sat down in your car and then before you know it, you’re at work, and you don’t have any recollection of driving there? It’s because you make the drive to the same place every day and eventually your brain stops paying attention to the drive and coasts on auto-pilot. The same thing happens when you spend every day working to create content. Eventually, your brain will exist on auto-pilot without giving much thought to what you’re creating. Changing your mundane activities (even small ones like the route you take to get to work) can help shift your brain from auto-pilot to being fully engaged and alert. Going through the motions will not allow you to be your best creative self. Fully engage with every process of your day, and your brain will stay occupied.

Need some inspiration for changing your routine? Here are a few things you can do to break out of your old mental habits.

Take a different route to work.

Collaborate and talk to other departments and people.

Work from a coffee shop.

Change the seating arrangement.

Experience new things outside of work.

Trying to come up with creative content on a daily basis can be difficult, especially if you have a looming deadline and several clients you need to create for. Switch up your routine, keep your mind engaged, and make the most of your business day.

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