How To Be Generous (Not Generic!) With Your Content

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Written by: Leisa Redmon

Posted on: October 7, 2019

Writing fresh content is hard. How do I write the same thing but in a new way...again?

I’ve said this statement so many times during my career, but the truth always makes itself known: writing content hasn’t somehow become more difficult (although it definitely feels more difficult) and you’ll ultimately do your brand a disservice if you're underestimating the reader.

So, here’s the secret: in order to prevent being “cookie cutter,” or generic, with your content, choose to take on these three tips and watch readers flock to your content. 

Know your brand

Knowing your brand is crucial in order to avoid the generic slump many people fall victim to. If you don’t know the cornerstones of what your brand stands for, your content will end up being a mushy, generic content bomb that tries too hard to appeal to everyone. 

Your marketing team has spent a great deal of time and attention on analyzing data and identifying buyer personas in order to focus their sales and marketing strategies on efforts that present promising ROI. When you are able to identify your audience you can begin to speak to them in a dialect that directly aligns with their specific wants and needs. As the trust between your brand and your audience increases, the communication between the two will also increase. This will allow for a deeper insight into what your personas are interested in, insights on their behavior, and other nuanced metrics that you can expand upon, organically, with relevant content. 

Commit to being specific

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars. – Les Brown

I love this saying. But, it’s a little misleading within the realm of producing effective content. 

At this point, you’ve already identified your brand and the persona your message is speaking to. Unless your objective is clearly marked to appeal to a buyer persona that needs high-level information, your content should filter through to more refined sub-points that you can further expand upon. After you’ve uncovered the more specialized interests and intrigues of these personas, you can now begin committing to the specifics. 

So, while shooting for the moon is excellent, it’s more important to narrow the focus of your content, instead of broadening your scope and risk missing the mark completely. 

Enjoy the research

Part of the job of writing content is researching the subject until you’ve exhausted all your efforts. 


You’re not going to uncover new, relevant information that appeals to your audience unless you actively seek it. Sure there might be a large assortment of paths and avenues you can dive into, so… here’s your permission to dive deep. 

No one has the unique point of view that you possess, so voice it. Find the nuggets of information that tug at your brain and persuade you to learn more. Once you’ve gained confidence in your content, gotten specific with your industry-based subject, and enjoyed the process of acquiring more knowledge, you’ll find your content following suit, immediately and effectively. 

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