How To Build a Customer Service Strategy For Your Unique Business


Written by: Leisa Redmon

Posted on: November 12, 2019

Innovative ideas get your blood pumping, and iterations of those ideas build excitement and anticipation for what could be the future of your business. As an entrepreneur, inspiration and niche marketing efforts probably follow you like a shadow. But, shadows and efforts are not what solid foundations are built upon. The success of your business lies greatly in the blueprint and execution of your customer service strategy.

Bottom line? The occasional social media post collectively thanking your customers just doesn’t cut it anymore. Advanced efforts into the build out and execution of your customer service care plan is vital now more than ever.  

Know Your Brand

What are you selling and what do you want the public to know about your product/ service? What kind of culture are you trying to foster? What is your mission? Why do you exist and what are you trying to achieve? If you haven’t taken the time to flush out your brand and your vision is muddy, your message to the public audience and your team will soon follow suit. Knowing your north star, inside-out and outside-in, is the first step in clearly executing a game plan that has longevity with your business.

Identify Your Persona(s)

Doing your due diligence and knowing your brand allows you to cater to your niche market. Your customers will always provide real-time, direct feedback, so ensure you’re talking to them by learning how to identify who they are first. The hours you’ve already invested into your business are precious and irretrievable; don’t dilute your game plan with product or service variables that have a shelf life of null.

Be Authentic

It’s important to set the intentions and perception of your business from the beginning.
Are you friendly? Stern yet accommodating? Chill and laid back but firm and unwavering? Whether or not it’s clear to see, your personality is infused into the brand of your business. And whether or not you want to see it, clients of small businesses across the board have an innate ability to scout out authenticity.

Perception of your company comes primarily from customer service and word of mouth. Clients trust family, friends and even acquaintances with their experiences. By building trust with your clients you’re opening your network and casting a much wider net.

Lead With BoundariesLead-With-Boundaries

If you have a base understanding of how you want you and your business to be portrayed, and you are able to set clear and concise boundaries for both you and your team, you are better able to develop reliable solutions to any issues that arise.  Even though we all aim for a 100% customer satisfaction rate, there’s generally a cost to success.

Happy teams live the dream, and if you wouldn’t do XYZ, don’t expect your team to do XYZ. Train your team accordingly, lead by example, and reward behavior that supports your unique business and its mission.

Customer Service Is Not Just Complaints

Response time. Open communication. Delivery time. Special touches. It all matters, and when dutifully executed, they are all elements that lead to customer satisfaction and unparalleled experiences. Complaints are inevitable, but so are opportunities for positive feedback and constructive critiques. Set your own unique standard with thoughtful, handwritten thank you notes, 24 hour response times or even gift baskets filled with chocolate turtles.

Pay attention to the positive, too, and don’t allow a few complaints to dampen the multitude of exceptional customer experiences just around the corner.

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