How to Build a Stellar Sales Team

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Written by: Lacey Wilcox

Posted on: May 23, 2019

It’s impossible to think about growing your business without also considering your sales team. While every single team in your company plays a role in growth, sales is the team that has a tangible role in bringing in new revenue.

Because of this, a highly productive sales team is crucial to any business, and there are things you can do to build a stellar sales team.

5 Tips to Building a Stellar Sales Team

Building an effective sales team is much more than hiring the most persuasive people you can find. A team needs to be built with the right people, training, tools, and so much more.

Hire the Right People

Building a productive sales team starts with hiring the right people. Is this person a good fit with your team’s culture? Are they willing to work as a team instead of trying to be a stand-alone star? Can they think on their feet and adapt to meet a prospect’s needs? Do they listen well to prospects in order to understand what they truly need (and not just what they think they need)?

Provide the Right Training

Once you’ve hired the right people for your sales team, you need to set them up for success by providing the right training to give them the knowledge that will help them close deals: how to use sales technology, new techniques, and more. Your sales team also needs to have training on the ins and outs of your different products and services. The more intimate level of knowledge they have with your business, the better they will be able to sell to your prospects.

Equip Your Team with the Right Tools

Selling in a digital world is so much different than going down a list of numbers to cold call. Your sales team needs specific tools to help them succeed, like a CRM, a lead scoring process, tools for video conferencing and screen sharing, and more. These tools can streamline productivity and increase your team’s efficiency.Distribute-the-Right-Content-at-the-Right-Time

Distribute the Right Content at the Right Time

If you think content is just for marketing, think again. Content plays a critical role at every stage of a prospect’s decision-making process, and your sales team needs to have access to resources that guide prospects as they decide whether or not to trust your business.

Ensure the Right Mindset with Sales and Marketing Alignment

No salesperson is an island. Rather, each one is a part of a larger team designed to generate revenue for your business. Your sales team needs to be tightly aligned with your marketing team to closely communicate about leads and prospects, create and distribute relevant content, and provide valuable information for account managers once a prospect becomes a customer.

Your sales team is an incredible asset to your business. When you invest in the right people with the right tools and training, you are setting your entire company up to experience healthy, sustainable growth.

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