How to Implement Marketing Technology for Your Business

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Written by: Leisa Redmon

Posted on: May 14, 2019

Let’s face it. “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” And a company without a marketing technology plan faces the high chance of being completely and utterly In our increasingly digital world it’s no wonder the consumer experience has almost fully integrated into the world of marketing, making it vital for marketers to be intentional in their decision process.

From email campaigns to analytics to social media marketing, the possibility to reach an audience far past comprehension is now more within reach than ever. But with a number of different options “puffing their chests,” how do you know when you’ve found the perfect plan for your company?

Prioritize Your Needs and Create a StrategyPrioritize-Your-Needs-and-Create-a-Strategy

Like any good decision, it’s important to analyze your needs first before diving in head first. Sure, you could choose a software that claims to have all the bells and whistles or you could ignore the problem and hope it goes away. But, with martech now accounting for 29%, and rising, of marketing budgets, the need for a software that bridges the gap between business and consumer has become increasingly necessary.

Find out where your business falls short and where the chinks in your armor really are, not just where you’d rather them be. Once you’ve audited your business and prioritized your needs, you are now able to create a marketing strategy. This strategy will keep you at the helm of the ship and will allow you to guide your marketing technology stack, and its implementations, effectively. What’s the inverse? Having a software program guide your entire business strategy as you scurry to fill in any holes on the fly. And guess what? That doesn’t work.

Support. Support. Support.

When a new software is acquired, your team needs to dissect, learn, setup, and maintain the myriad of tools involved. Before settling on and applying a marketing technology stack, audit your team processes and the support needed to follow through. By ensuring the appropriate amount of individuals and bandwidth are available, you’ll make way for efficient execution.

While these martech tools are built out to streamline your business and make your north star within reach, it inevitably is without it’s occasional hiccups. A capable team assembled to execute your strategy will prevent your vision from falling flat.

It’s pretty easy to see how Hubspot has caught our attention as a leader in the inbound marketing space. While it might be hard to second guess the shiniest and newest tool in the tool chest, what really matters is a marketing technology stack that can benefit your company, your strategy, and your team.

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