How Your Marketing Team is Wasting Money (And a Solution to Fix it!)

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Written by: Tony Adragna

Posted on: December 26, 2018

The traditional website design (or redesign) process is one that businesses have been going through for decades. The process typically looks like this:

  • Receive several bids for your redesign from multiple agencies
  • Sift through the bids and decide upon a company to work with
  • Go through months and months of planning with the agency
  • Invest a large, up-front cost
  • The timeline and deliverables end up with delays
  • The scope expands with unwanted expenses
  • Your website is finally complete
  • You do the entire process all over again in a couple years

This process has forever resulted in headaches for marketing teams, and rightfully so. It’s a broken process that is literally costing your team money.

How exactly is the process broken?


The process generally involves going through months and months of planning before it’s even developed. Unfortunately, a lot of that planning comes down to guesswork about what may work on your website and what may not.

Because websites typically are redesigned every couple of years (or even longer), your business is expected to forecast what will work on your website for the next two years. While there may be a little bit of data that can help back planning decisions - the likelihood that those decisions help to maximize your website’s effectiveness for two years is very low.

The traditional process relies on a lot of guesswork about what the future holds - and that just doesn’t seem right for such a hefty investment.

Work Involved

In the traditional process, you’re expected to provide the agency you’ve chosen with a multitude of assets and information - along with approvals - in order for your website to launch on time (generally 3-6 months). It takes a lot of work from your business in a generally small window of time to keep things moving.

You’re investing a lot of money, but you’re still having to work very hard to get things done. It seems backward - but until recently - there was really no other approach to getting things done.

Large Up-Front Cost

We talked about how the traditional website design process takes a lot of guesswork, yet it still takes a large, up-front cost before it goes live. Generally, businesses are expected to pay half of their website redesign fee before the agency will even begin working on the site - and then they must pay the other half before the website goes live.

According to HubSpot, the average small to medium-sized business websites average anywhere between $15,000 to $80,000 up-front.

The up-front costs are vast - yet everything is predicated upon guesses and predictions for the next two years. Once your website is live - your relationship with the agency typically ends until you decide to redesign your website again in a couple of years.

See why we say this is a broken process? Fortunately, there’s a much better process that involves data-backed decisions, monthly updates, and less costs up-front.

Growth-Driven Website Design

You probably never thought about how broken the traditional website design process is - most haven’t. But after seeing what the growth-driven design process entails, you’ll wonder why this hasn’t been the approach to website design forever.

When you decide to work with our agency on a growth-driven design website, your process is broken down like this:

  • growth-driven-designStrategy (One meeting) - Work to set goals, understand your website’s user behavior, solve design problems, and go over a discovery document.
  • Launch pad (60-90 days) - This is the first iteration of your website. A launch pad site focuses on prioritized improvements to launch your website sooner and get results faster.
  • Strategic optimizations (1 month launch cycles) - As your business grows and evolves, so will your website. Data-driven optimizations will be made in one month launch cycles to result in peak performance for your site.

Growth-driven design is a smarter process for website design because:

  • Development is done in phases, backed by data
  • It’s customer-focused
  • Investment is spread out over time
  • Learnings can be transferred
  • It evolves as your business evolves
  • It reduces risk
  • You stay ahead of your competition

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