Primitive Social Employee Spotlight: Ky Wilcox

Category: Primitive Social team

Written by: Tony Adragna

Posted on: January 9, 2019

Name: Ky Wilcox
Job Title: CFO
Location: Lubbock
Job Description:
Manage the different financial components of Primitive Social.Professional Background:

I worked for 9 years at a regional bank in Lubbock, City Bank, in their accounting department. That was my first job out of college. After that I worked from home doing technical support, training, and implementation for a small software company called Shift Admin.

What brought you to Primitive Social?

My brother, Kade (our CEO), wanted me to come work with him.

What made him want you to the team? What about his pitch made you say yes?

Kade and I are very different. He needed someone on the other side of the aisle to look at things from a different perspective. So we balance each other out very well.  Kade is very good at casting a vision and the vision he has for his companies is what made me say yes.

How are you able to apply your background to Primitive Social?

The accounting work I did was a very important foundation for my work now as CFO.  

As somebody that doesn’t come from a marketing background, what’s it like to work at a marketing agency?

It’s very fast-paced and customer-oriented work. It’s much more creative work than finance and accounting so those differences are interesting to contrast.

Do you see any similarities between your previous workplaces and Primitive?

There aren’t many similarities. One practical similarity is that Shift Admin employed all remote employees and Primitive Social has many remote employees as well.  

What gets you out of bed in the morning ready to come to work?

Knowing that there’s lots of work to be done motivates me. I’m a task-oriented person and knowing how much work needs to get done keeps me going.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve worked on so far?

Working on creating a budget with the leadership team.  That’s not something that had really ever been done and it’s provided great insight into our business and is a great roadmap to where we want to be.

Can you give a reason or two as to why this project has been so important to the growth and sustainability of Primitive Social?

A budget is like a map. It guides you to your final destination. Without a budget or a financial map we’d continue to have pretty drastic ups and downs.  So a budget gives an organization and its employees a map to follow which makes for a smoother trip and gives greater certainty that the final destination will be reached.

After you joined the team and helped guide them toward a healthy financial future, what do you hope to see in Primitive Social's future?

I hope to see continued success of the business and therefore it’s employees.

ky-wilcox-and-his-familyWhat’s your family life like?

My wife, Wendy, and I have been married for 16 years.  We have four kids, 3 boys and 1 girl, Rylan(16), Talon(10), Brecken(8), and Korbyn(6).

What sports do your kids play?

My oldest plays football, basketball, and runs track for the varsity sports teams at Lubbock Cooper High School. And then my younger kids play basketball and football as well for their youth sports teams.

What do you like to do outside of the office?

I’m a sports fan so I enjoy watching football and basketball games with my family. I also enjoy watching my kids participate in their own sporting events.

How do you juggle your work and your personal life?

It’s important to have a balance between your work and personal life. Having four kids requires a lot of attention and time, which actually kind of naturally balances your work and personal life. I can’t spend a gazillion hours working as my kids and family require my time.

How do you define ‘success’ in your job?

The definition of success to me is having a financially healthy and vibrant company.

Words of wisdom to pass along?

I’m not a very wise person, my twin brother and our CEO, Kade, has all the words of wisdom.

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