Selling in a Digital World

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Written by: Kade Wilcox

Posted on: August 14, 2018

Today’s digital age brings a whole new set of opportunities and advantages when it comes to growing your business. Things like the internet, mobile devices, and social media are no longer novelties, they are the norm. Selling in a digital world broadens your business’s reach, allows you to make your expertise and value known, and helps you create a positive customer experience for prospects the moment they begin trying to solve their problem.

But, not all businesses are positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that come from the digital age. Here are four things to keep in mind to help your business stay relevant and successful with today’s customers.

Tightly Align Marketing and Sales Teams

Align sales and marketing

You can’t take advantage of the opportunities that come with selling in a digital world without establishing a tightly aligned marketing and sales team. When these two teams are synced together, your prospects have a seamless experience with their business. Leads do not fall through the cracks, and your sales people are able to craft proposals that speak directly to a prospect’s needs and problems, instead of offering cookie cutter solutions.

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Understand What Digital Customers Expect

It’s impossible to close deals today without fully understanding how the digital age has affected your customers. Today’s consumers are more empowered and enlightened than ever before. They have more information at their fingertips than past generations used to be able to access in a lifetime. The majority of these customers are going to look to the web first to find a solution to their problem.

Understanding your ideal customer inside and out allows you to create a strategy that best meets them where they are currently spending a large portion of their time: online, on social media platforms, or on various apps. You are able to use these channels to provide value, expertise, and solutions for their problems.

Create a plan for digital marketing and sales

Once you have a deep understanding of your customers, you can create a digital strategy for marketing and sales. This strategy will allow your teams to offer the best experience possible for visitors to your website. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for them to find the information they want to know. Your teams need to be intuitive in sending offers and content related to their needs and problems, and be quick to offer help, support, and guidance.

One of the great things about the rise of the digital age is that it has raised the bar when it comes to offering value for your prospects. Traditionally, closing deals involved more forceful tactics like cold calling and interruptive ads. It was a race to see who could be the loudest for the longest. And in reality, no one ever won. But today’s customers have the ability to use any business in the world to solve their problem. And the surest way to help them choose your business is by consistently offering them value.

Take Advantage of Digital Tools

While today’s digital customers are more empowered and enlightened than ever before, it doesn’t mean they won’t need a guide to walk them through their decision making process. Your team needs to be ready to do that quickly and efficiently.

This is an impossible task without the right tools for the job: software for marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM), active and engaging social channels, email automation, and more. Thanks to the digital age, these tools are more intuitive, efficient, and strategic than ever before.

Don’t Lose Sight of Physical Touchpoints

In an increasingly digital world, there is an opportunity to set your business apart with physical touchpoints.  In an age when everybody sends an email or a message on social media, your sales team can use handwritten cards, small gifts, and phone calls to show intentional care for prospects and customers.

Selling in a Digital Age

Sometimes it seems like this digital age is moving too rapidly for anyone to possibly keep up. But when you keep these things in mind, this time feels less overwhelming and more like an opportunity.

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