Signs Your Company is Ready for Custom Software

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Written by: Lacey Wilcox

Posted on: January 16, 2020

As a CEO, you make decisions every single day that affect the future of your company. Some of these decisions are straightforward and clear, while others require thought and an extensive list of pros and cons.

One of the decisions you might be considering is whether or not your company needs a custom software solution. While the benefits of custom software are impressive, it can be a serious time and financial commitment. So, how do you know when your company is ready for custom software? Here are four indicators that this decision is a healthy one for your business. 

It Makes Sense Financially

Creating a custom software solution for your company is a detailed, extensive project. It is critical that you work with a developer or team of developers who are proficient, timely, and excellent in communication. This means your software solution is going to be a financial investment.

Before you decide the time is right to jump right into a custom software project, you need to know how much it will cost. Can your company afford it right now? If the answer is not yet, then set a goal that will help you achieve the amount you need. As you’re considering this amount, don’t forget to consider how this solution will affect your company’s income and expenses. If you build this solution, will you be able to cut costs on other tools you are using? Will this solution impact what you charge your customers for the services you offer?

It Makes Sense for Your Customers

A custom software solution needs to allow your team to serve your customers uniquely well, in a way they can’t get anywhere else. This requires you (and the company developing your software) to understand your customer and their needs, your company, and the potentials of this software very well.

We’ve all downloaded an app or tried out a website that just doesn’t work smoothly. The result is that we delete it from our phones or cancel our subscription and never use it again. If the solution doesn’t make sense for your customers, they’re not going to stick with you for very long.

It Makes Sense for Your TeamIt-Makes-Sense-for-Your-Team

A custom software solution needs to make sense for your finances and your customers, but it also needs to make sense for your team. Any time you make a change as significant as changing the software you use, it will require a transition. Do you currently have a sufficient number of people (and talent) to handle the ins and outs required to support your customers as they learn and adopt this new software? How will you train your customers to use this new tool? Do you have access to developers (either on your own team or through the company who built your custom software) to address any bugs or glitches that might occur? Before you can build and launch a custom software solution, you need to make sure your team is prepared to handle it.

It Makes Sense for Your Future

Custom software brings about so many benefits for your company: benefits that impact your team and customers now and in the future. It can help you streamline the tools you are using and provide a smoother, more efficient experience for your customers and earn their trust for a lifetime. It can enable your team to work better, not harder, and help you to use your current resources more effectively. If built correctly, it can grow and adapt with your company and your offerings, making it an incredibly worthwhile investment.

In order to be sure that a custom software solution will make sense for your business, you need to work with a team of professionals who will help you take your vision and build it out with intentionality and care. 

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