A Team Approach to Growing Your Business


Written by: Kade Wilcox

Posted on: November 12, 2019

Historically, businesses tend to lump their departments into “silos”. You have a bin for the marketing team, a bin for sales, a half bin for any sort of analytics, and maybe a bin for customer service if you’re lucky.

These departments are often compartmentalized, with little to no interaction between them: the marketing team has no idea what sales is hearing from potential leads or customers, the sales team has no idea where leads have come from, the customer service team is asked for no input about marketing materials, and few people give time or attention to analyzing their efforts. Even worse, the leadership of an organization is often on an island trying to solve internal problems, handle budgets, and more.

The result of this compartmentalization is a lot of disorganization within your company. Opportunities to nurture your customers effectively and to generate the right kinds of leads are often missed.

There are two ways to fight against this disorganization. The first is to hold more meetings, increase employee expectations, and even try to drive performance through scare tactics. But the result of this approach isn’t really a result at all. While people might work harder for a season, you have done nothing to eliminate the dysfunction that comes from your different “compartments”.

The second option is to tear down those silos and take a team approach to growing your business. There are several different benefits to this option:

  • Your entire company has access to cross-functional skills.
  • Communication is strengthened between teams.
  • Productivity increases across the board.
  • Your business begins reaching more qualified leads.

When your sales and marketing teams are working as a more united front, it's almost like they've formed a new team within your company. Throughout this blog, you are going to see us refer to this as your growth team.

kadeblog1_body.jpgTaking a team approach to growing your business is going to require some time, effort, and communication to help the members of your company embrace a new approach to their work. But the results should far outweigh the efforts required.

Do you want to learn more about taking a team approach to growing your business and uniting your sales and marketing teams? We’ve created an ebook that leads you through the benefit of a strong, united front for your teams and how you can begin the process of helping your sales and marketing work together.

Team Approach to Growing Your Business