The 4 Hubspot Apps Every Company Should Be Using

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Written by: Lacey Wilcox

Posted on: June 6, 2019

As a marketing director, one of your biggest concerns and goals is generating leads to grow your business. The inbound marketing methodology allows you to do just that. If your team is going to embrace this method, they’ll also need a tool that makes inbound marketing possible.

While there are many options available, few prove themselves quite like Hubspot. Not only is it one of the most effective, highest performing tools available, the company pretty much created and developed the inbound methodology.

Once you make the decision to use Hubspot for marketing and growing your business, it’s time to put the product to use. Throughout the years, Hubspot has continued to add and improve upon the applications they offer within their software, resulting in quite an impressive list for users. While every single one of these apps offers value for your business and your marketing strategy, there are four we think every company should be using on a regular basis.

4 Hubspot Apps Every Company Should Use

Currently, Hubspot offers 25 different apps to empower your marketing team in everything from contact management to keywords to reporting. Each one is valuable and useful, but here are four of the most crucial to your inbound marketing strategy.


One of the best ways to attract visitors to your website is through a consistent blog strategy. Blogging on a regular basis helps your website perform well in search, provides valuable information for visitors to your site, and helps your team kickstart the lead generation process by pointing readers to a relevant content offer.

With Hubspot’s blogging app, it’s easy to create, format, and publish your blog posts, as well as optimize them for search engines. This tool is easy to use, intuitive, and thorough. It ensures every blog has components like headings and a meta description (all valuable for performing well in search) and is designed so that every blog post is automatically formatted to look good on a mobile device.

Landing Pages

A landing page makes it possible to generate leads by providing a means to collect visitors’ contact information. In the past, creating a well-designed landing page that looked good on any mobile device required help from a designer or someone in your company’s IT department. With Hubspot’s app, you can build these landing pages all on your own.

Hubspot not only makes it possible to create these landing pages, it also allows you to display personalized forms, CTAs, and content on them to better meet the needs of your visitors as they make a decision about your business.


As you’re building landing pages and carrying out a consistent blogging strategy, you’re going to generate leads. This will require you to have a means of managing those contacts. Hubspot’s CRM allows you to see everything about your contact in one place, and manage your entire sales pipeline: deals won and lost or still in progress, meetings and notes about a prospect’s needs and concerns, and so much more. While you have the ability to update the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) manually, Hubspot will also update it for you automatically every time a prospect interacts with your business, whether it’s a blog, landing page, or social post. Another great aspect about this Hubspot app is that it is incredibly useful for sales and marketing alignment, providing one place for both teams to communicate about prospects.


Every marketing director knows the value of data and analytics. It’s how you prove the ROI of your work, how you evaluate your performance, and how you decide changes to make in order to reach your goals. Hubspot’s reporting add on allows you to create a custom dashboard based upon dozens of metrics. It’s a central hub for all the data you could ever want for marketing, sales, and more, and it’s easily shared with anyone on your team.

Hubspot is a critical tool for any marketing team, and proves its worth through the tools it offers. These four hubspot apps are some of the ones your company should be using, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg of everything Hubspot has to offer.

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