The Stages of Inbound Marketing and What to Focus On: the Delight Stage

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Written by: Lacey Wilcox

Posted on: December 10, 2019

It’s time for the third and final installment of our series about getting back to the basics of inbound marketing. Sometimes a refresher can be a beneficial thing to help you focus on the exact things that will help you reach your goals. That has been the purpose of this series. With each installment, we’ve shared what you should focus on at each stage of inbound marketing.

If you found this post without reading the two that came prior, or if you’re just looking for a quick review, you can read our posts on the Attract stage and the Engage stage. Up next, we’re diving into the Delight stage of inbound marketing and what you should focus on when your leads are in this stage.

What is the Delight Stage?

As we’ve gone through this series, we’ve shared an image of a flywheel to help portray how to best harness your energy and intent when trying to grow your business. Your marketing, sales, and service teams work to support your prospects and customers as they consider your business and then choose to trust you to solve their problems. As potential customers consider your business, they should go through three different stages of the decision making process:

  • Attract: this is the stage where prospects first hear about your business. It is largely driven by your marketing team and the reputation of your services team.
  • Engage: this is the stage where prospects seriously consider whether or not to trust your company. The two teams within your company most involved with this stage are your marketing and sales teams.
  • Delight: Finally, customers who make the decision to trust your business are ready to be delighted with your sales process and their experience as a customer. This stage involves your sales and services teams.

What exactly do we mean when we talk about customer delight? The whole idea is that because your teams create such a strong, positive experience with your business, customers are willing to give you their complete trust and even share about your business within their personal network.

What Should You Focus On in the Delight Stage?

With every single stage of inbound marketing, success comes from focusing on the right things. Your customer has been one of the main points of focus in every installment of this series, and for good reason. It’s not just that we’re struggling to come up with a good idea – it’s that your customers serve as the fulcrum around which the entire flywheel of your business revolves. Lose sight of caring for your customers well and you’ll eventually lose sight of your business.

But it’s also critical that you focus on your team to succeed. They are the ones actually responsible for caring for your customers well in order to earn their delight and trust. What do they need in order to succeed?

How to Delight Your Customers

What does it actually look like to delight your prospects and customers enough to earn their trust for a lifetime? This answer is going to be a little different for every business and every customer, but here are some principles to live by to create and maintain customer satisfaction.

  1. Make customer success your success. Make-customer-success-your-successThe thing that will bring the greatest delight to your customers is when you achieve the goals they have hired you to reach. When your success is tied to their success, everyone is going to win.
  2. Be proactive and helpful. Your customers hire you to be the expert, so be the one to lead them. Take the initiative to measure progress toward their goals, and make adjustments when necessary (rather than forcing customers to come to you when things are not tracking appropriately). If they have a need that you can help address, be willing to do so. 
  3. Communicate, and then communicate some more. Communication is a foundation for a healthy, thriving relationship, and it’s a must for customer satisfaction. Communicate promptly and clearly with your customers so that they always know what is going on, rather than feeling like they’re always in the dark.
  4. Admit mistakes and be quick to right them. You and your team are going to make mistakes – it’s just a reality you have to face now. While you want to do everything to avoid mistakes, be prepared to admit them and then fix them as quickly, humbly, and honestly as possible.
  5. Be excellent. Perfection is impossible, but excellence should be the goal every day for your team. When you are excellent, your customers will be absolutely delighted.

Your business cannot function without your customers, so train your entire team to treat them with care, excellence, and respect. When you operate in this way, you are going to earn lifelong customers who will help your business grow and thrive for the long haul.

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