Three Ways Hubspot Can Grow Your Business

Category: Inbound Marketing

Written by: Lacey Wilcox

Posted on: November 12, 2019

We’ve mentioned our love for Hubspot maybe once or twice on this blog, and it’s likely that it will come up a few more times in the future. We’ve talked about why Hubspot is a powerful tool for marketing your business, why it’s one of the best software on the market for executing the inbound marketing method, and why its CRM is a thing of beauty.

But one of the greatest tests of a product’s worth is whether or not it can actually help you grow your business. And HubSpot passes that test with flying colors.

Three Ways Hubspot Can Grow Your Business

Hubspot can help grow your business in dozens of ways, and that number will continue to rise as the brand expands and adapts their offerings. But there are three main ways this powerful tool can grow your business.

Attract More Visitors and Leads

Without website visitors, it’s impossible to earn new customers. Hubspot simplifies the process of generating leads for your business by providing tools for keyword research, content creation and distribution, and contact management. Because everything you need for lead generation lives in one place, Hubspot is able to provide users with incredibly robust analytics about the performance of blogs, content offers, social posts, and website pages, as well as house valuable information about contacts.

Greater Clarity for the Decision-Making Process

This information about contacts is invaluable for your marketing and sales teams as they help a lead walk through their decision-making process. We’ve talked before about the importance of building a lead scoring system to help sales and marketing handle leads and prospects with care, and this is something those teams can do right in Hubspot. Hubspot also provides the tools you need to distribute the right information at the right time to the right people in order to clarify and inform their decision making. This may sound obvious, but it’s crucial in moving a lead to a prospect. It’s not just enough to provide good information, you have to provide it at the right time to inform a prospect’s decision.

Shorten Sales CycleShorten-Sales-Cycle

When you provide a prospect with in-depth, helpful information at the right stage of their decision-making process, you empower them to make a confident, informed decision. This is beneficial for potential customers, and it also shortens your business’ sales cycle (the amount of time it takes for a visitor to become a lead, then a prospect, and then a customer). Historically, the more time prospects spend trying to make a decision about your business, the less likely they are to say yes. A software like Hubspot allows you to give prospects information that empowers their decision making, and it helps your team move people through your sales process quickly and efficiently.

It’s pretty easy to see how Hubspot is a win for your team, your business, and your customers. Want to learn more about our favorite inbound marketing software? Download our free guide below!

Understanding Hubspot: Growing your business with inbound marketing