Time Management Apps to Make Your Team More Productive


Written by: Leisa Redmon

Posted on: November 12, 2019

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” ― Charles Darwin

An old statistic made its rounds a little less than a year ago that says the human brain now has an attention span LESS than that of a goldfish. As alarming as this sounds, it’s fortunately been proven to be a myth. But, what has made this so believable?

Well, let’s face it. Distractions are everywhere and productivity is dwindling at a rapid pace. Lots of strategies are out there to help us troubleshoot and develop productivity hacks, but having an app or two to streamline processes in the workplace never hurts, right? 

Some of the top applications and software making their way onto our desktops and smartphones, in no particular order, are:

Focus@Will: A personal productivity boosterfocus-at-will

Cost: $9.95/month to lifetime access for $299.95

“Focus@will is a new music service based on human neuroscience” that claims to use the “brain shaping features of sound” in order to distract our brains from going down two certain paths: distraction and habituation. How does it work? You can choose a playlist based upon the specific type of worker you are – student, entrepreneur, creative thinker or logical thinker. Or, upon signing up for a two-week free trial, you will be prompted with roughly 10 questions that will narrow down your music channel to one that might optimize productivity based upon your personality profile.

Top features: A productivity boost by combining neuroscience and music.


Slack: Company-wide communication

Cost: $0 to $12.50 depending on the plan

A company now worth $20 billion, Slack (Searchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge) is a cloud-based collaboration tool for employees to communicate securely and in real-time. Instead of getting pinged for every comment, meme or file (relevant to you or not), you can divide your company into Slack channels based upon teams, projects, or geographic location. 

Top features: Real-time communication, file sharing, app and service integrations (polls, gifs, etc), voice and video calls, and more.

Evernote: Listmaking

Cost: $0 to $14.99/month depending on the plan

Evernote is a cloud-based app that creates, organizes, and archives all of your lists, documents, and media files. Determined to rid the world of incomprehensible sticky notes filling the periphery of desktops and scattered notes on the back of phone bills, Evernote is a hub for deadlines, to-do lists and so much more. 

Top features: Search handwriting, document scanning, app integrations, web clipper, syncs with notes, and more.

Google Drive: File sharing

Cost: Free (with Gmail account) to $199.99/month depending on the plan

Whether you’re looking for a 15 GB folder to share photos with family and friends, or 20 TB of storage to split amongst key stakeholders within your company, Google Drive is one of the most versatile, secure, cloud-based storage systems on the market today. Looking for a more comprehensive suite for your business? G Suite is Google’s all-in-one product that boasts offerings such as Google Hangouts to connect with team members across the globe, Google Sheets for all your spreadsheet needs, Google Calendar to keep you on top of meetings and appointments, and more.

Top features: Built to work in tandem with Google applications, offline compatibility, 15 GB free with Gmail account.

Hive: Project management and collaborationhive

Cost: $12/user per month +

Companies like Starbucks, Uber, WeWork, and Primitive Social all utilize this cloud-based, project management and collaboration software to streamline the communication and execution of projects. With flexible formatting enabled, your team has the ability to personalize their project management board in a layout (Gantt, Kanban, Calendar or Table) that best suits their style. Also, with over 1,000 app integrations, Hive is a simple way to connect all your files in one place.

Top features: Real-time analytics, messaging capabilities, time tracking, and more. 

Time is a finite resource and we all want to do the best we can with the time we have. Whether you’re on the hunt for an arsenal of apps and or that one game-changing piece of software, you can’t go wrong with starting the search now.

Check out one of our favorite apps and tell us what you think, or search our blog for more tips to learn how to boost your company’s productivity.

*Primitive Social has not been paid to suggest or endorse any of these applications or software.