Tips for Creating Content Offers That Drive Results

Category: Content Marketing

Written by: Tony Adragna

Posted on: August 17, 2018

In inbound marketing, there are a multitude of content offers that you can create. You can create eBooks, white papers, infographics, and much more.

But too often marketers create content offers without really thinking about the results they might drive. This is especially prevalent when it comes to bottom-of-the-funnel offers.

A bottom-of-the-funnel (BOF) offer is an offer that helps persuade a prospect to make a purchase of your company’s product or service.

On the surface, a BOF offer should:

  • Position your business as superior to others in your industry
  • Show the value your business can bring
  • Instill confidence in your prospect

So what can your business do to create BOF offers that drive real results?

Tips for Creating BOF Offers

Know Your Persona Intimately

This is a step this is so often neglected. Knowing your personas and the type of offers that can help move the needle with them is so vastly important that we can’t stress it enough.

By getting to know who your personas are and what drives their buying decisions, you can cater your content throughout the buyer’s journey directly to them, including the bottom of the funnel.

Create Data-Driven BOF Offers

Speaking in generalities and non-specifics aren’t what bottom-of-the-funnel offers are all about. Your audience likely wants to see real, data-driven content before deciding to make a purchase with your business.

shift-admin-case-stufy-bof-exampleWhat do we mean by ‘data-driven’? We mean showing real-life numbers and analytics on how your product or service can help your prospect. What types of content are data-driven? Examples are:

  • Case studies - Showcase how your business has provided value to a previous customer or client. What types of results did your business help them achieve?
  • Infographics - Infographics are easily-digestible pieces of content that allow your brand to showcase data that is relevant to your prospects.
  • Industry Reports - This allows you to show your prospect that you understand the needs in their industry and you have the data to prove it.
  • Pitch Decks - These are decks that are completely specific to each individual prospect. They allow you to offer insights and data that can help ease the prospect’s hesitations about your business and offer solutions to their pain points.

Offer Help Personally

So many times businesses lose out on customers because they want to automate the entire sales process. While automation has its place in the buyer’s journey, sometimes all a company wants is to interact with somebody from your business before making a purchase. What types of BOF offers can you use to accommodate their needs?

  • Free Consultations - Don’t use the consultation as a sales call. Use it as a short time period where you provide value to your prospect. During that consultation, you’re also able to gather valuable information on their business that you can use to your advantage during a follow-up.
  • Demos - Sometimes you can provide all of the information on a product and prospects will still have hesitations until they actually get hands-on experience with it. Don’t limit your business’ capabilities by being stingy about demos. If a prospect wants to test-drive what you’re offering to feel more comfortable about making a purchase, it’s something you should offer.
  • Advice - This seems so elementary and you’re probably wondering, ‘how is that an offer’? Almost nothing makes a prospect feel more connected to a company than receiving beneficial advice at no cost. This advice might be something as simple as shooting the prospect an email, but you could also send over blogs and eBooks that are relevant to their business.

Are there other BOF offers that you can employ? Absolutely. Again, it all really comes down to what your audience prefers. Each persona is different, and it’s up to your team to dive into how they prefer to be communicated with, and which type of content can help push them toward a sale.

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