Top Ways to Master SEO for Your Business

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Written by: Primitive Social Guest

Posted on: January 16, 2019

So you’ve made big plans for your 2019 SEO strategy, and you’re ready to drive more traffic to your website and grow your business to new heights. Now, where to start? What exactly does implementing SEO look like in practical terms? With a little guidance, you’ll start to see your pages climb up the rankings.

Here are 5 simple, specific things you can do to master SEO for your business and improve your search engine ranking in 2019.

Target keywords lie at the heart of optimizing your site for search engines. They tell search engines what your content is about and whether it’s relevant to a specific search query. The first step is to do some research about what people are searching for and use highly targeted long-tail keywords (2 to 5 words) to make yourself relevant to your target audience. You can then use the appropriate keywords in a natural context in both the title and in the copy itself.


Here’s the thing: Don’t over-saturate your content with meaningless keywords. Not only does it create a poor user-experience, it’s a big no-no from search engines as well. Keep your keyword density low and focus on writing something that is helpful, personable, and relevant to your audience. After all, you’re writing for humans, not robot algorithms.

Title Tags
This is a small but sometimes overlooked step in the development of your on-site SEO. The title of your website helps search engines know that your content is relevant to a keyword search. Use an interesting and descriptive title tag that contains your keywords in a natural way. Remember to write unique titles for every page you create. As always, don’t overdo it with keywords: once is enough.

Meta Descriptions
A meta description is a short description of the content on your site. It sits right below the title and URL in a search result. It’s generally the first thing people see, so it’s your chance to make a great first impression. Think of it as a short copy-ad for your site. By writing something that’s descriptive, compelling, and catchy, it will make it much more likely that people will click on your link, ultimately boosting your search ranking by Google.

Internal links are links within your content that link to other pages on your site. There are two benefits to this. Not only does this enhance the user-experience by pointing to additional content you’ve created, it strengthens algorithmic discovery of your content by search engines.

Securing backlinks to your content is another great way to enhance your SEO. Backlinks from other websites help search engines recognize that your content is a good source of information. The more quality backlinks you receive to your site, the more authority you build with search engines.

Quality Content
This is a more of a general practice than a specific step, but it’s probably the most important SEO tactic of all. We stand by the conviction that content is king, and that there’s no better way to get people onto your site and engaging with your brand than having delightful, helpful, exceptional content. Work hard to have authority on your subject matter and give people content that is substantial and relevant. It may be tempting if you’re just starting out, but don’t fall into the trap of over-optimizing your articles. In the end, nobody will be fooled by a low-quality article that’s stuffed with keywords. If you can create something insightful and delightful, people will notice, and the word will spread.

While there’s no single task or strategy guaranteeing a spot at the top, following these best practices will be a huge first step towards mastering SEO for your business and making 2019 your most successful year yet.

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