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As 2018 has come and gone, it’s time to take a look at digital marketing in 2019. Where should you be investing your marketing dollars? Will there be drastic shifts from 2018? Are there new opportunities your business needs to invest in?

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As you’re thinking about your goals for the upcoming year, it’s very likely some of them involve the growth of your business. While there are many aspects of business growth, the most clear cut and obvious is increasing revenue. And that means you need a sales strategy that will bring in new revenue.

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Vendor Partners: How Many is Too Many?

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Written by: Tony Adragna


Chances are high that your marketing team is working with multiple vendor partners to help you achieve your marketing goals. But working with multiple vendors can also become costly. At what point are you working with too many?

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When you’re a business owner, the last month of the year moves impossibly fast. Not only are you trying to wrap up the current season and finish the year strong, but you’re also having to think about the year ahead and create goals that will help you generate revenue and grow your business.

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