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Historically, marketing and sales departments have a tradition of being at odds with one another. Part of the problem is these teams have often been kept separate in their work, rather than being joined as two parts of one whole. It’s easy to see why this is not at all helpful for creating a strong, positive company culture.

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Tips to Generate Revenue FAST

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Written by: Leisa Redmon


Generating revenue, while no easy feat, is top of mind for large organizations, small businesses, and sole proprietors alike. However, dreaming of large profit margins without any strategy to sink your teeth into will always yield lackluster results.

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Here’s a question for you. When taking a look at your sales team, do you believe they have the right resources to succeed or are you inadvertently setting them up for failure?

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Our digital world has brought about some pretty incredible changes, from the way we order food to how we pay our bills to how we find a healthcare provider. Marketing is no stranger to these changes as well. Gone are the days when a radio ad would help your company earn new customers. 

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