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If you want long term success, you can’t rely on shortcuts.

Let’s take, for example, four-time CrossFit Games champion, Mat Fraser. Before being crowned the “Fittest on Earth” four years running, the Nike sponsored athlete was once seen as a dependable placeholder for all that sparkles silver. Although consistently standing on the podium year after year, his second-place status left him hungry for more. After finishing second for what would be his last time in 2015, Fraser took a long hard look at his training regimen and decided to stop cutting corners.

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Regardless of the industry, the job of a copywriter is to produce content in a way that speaks to your company’s brand persona. With over 32 million small businesses in the United States, it’s becoming more crucial to the survival of these businesses to be able to stand apart from the rest of the crowd in a unique way.

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According to a study by eMarketer, North America remained the top advertising market in 2018, spending nearly $233 billion on media. With so many ads looking to be consumed and digested by the customer, it’s no wonder marketers and entrepreneurs alike are foaming at the mouth to create strategies that circumvent this massive stream of information.

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Guide to Blogging for Your Business

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Written by: Tony Adragna


Blogs on the internet are plentiful. No matter the industry, there is typically several company blogs that that are vying for their audience’s attention. However, while blogs are plentiful, great blogs are not. It’s why we created this guide to blogging for your business, to ensure that your company blog stands out amongst the masses.

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