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Historically, marketing and sales departments have a tradition of being at odds with one another. Part of the problem is these teams have often been kept separate in their work, rather than being joined as two parts of one whole. It’s easy to see why this is not at all helpful for creating a strong, positive company culture.

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When most business owners create their initial business plan, they give a lot of thought to certain things, such as product development, organization, growth, etc. But one of the most critical components of building a healthy, growing business is a strong company culture.

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Company Culture: Balancing Fun and Focus

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Written by: Lacey Wilcox


Building a positive company culture can feel a little bit like balancing on a slackline. Your employees are the most critical component of your company. Without their effort and success, it’s likely you won’t have customers for very long. But, at times it can feel like it’s a delicate balance between creating an environment they really enjoy and still maintaining a focus on excellence in work.

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I don’t always make good decisions. Ask me about the near mullet in high school. Or the decision to call mozzarella sticks a “healthy choice” in front of my in-laws. Or letting a friendly stray kitty come in our house “just the one time” (I suppose I’m ok with that one).

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