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We’ve mentioned our love for Hubspot maybe once or twice on this blog, and it’s likely that it will come up a few more times in the future. We’ve talked about why Hubspot is a powerful tool for marketing your business, why it’s one of the best software on the market for executing the inbound marketing method, and why its CRM is a thing of beauty.

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Whether you’re looking to turn leads into customers or continually delight the customers you already have - HubSpot can be a valuable resource for your company. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself if you’re using HubSpot effectively? Could you be doing more? Get the most out of your personalized HubSpot experience and streamline your company’s lead generation process with the latest wave of HubSpot integrations.

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Are your marketing strategies working? Are they worth the time, effort, and money that you’re putting into them? How can you answer these questions (for yourself or your team) if you don’t track your marketing performance? There's a lot of information that goes into answering these questions which is why monitoring these trends is so crucial.

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Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing is simply the process of selling goods, products, or services to individual consumers for use in their personal and daily lives. This is in contrast to B2B, where your product or service is aimed at other businesses. There are of course many similarities, but today we’re going to talk specifically about B2C marketing and the ways you can set up an overall strategy that’s effective, memorable, and ultimately profitable.

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