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Nurturing leads is a vital tactic to use to help guide your leads down the funnel as they go through the buying process. Lead nurturing is all about building a relationship with your leads and making them feel comfortable with your brand before ever asking for the sale.

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Lead scoring is an effective means of streamlining your marketing and sales processes. It helps your marketing team easily identify which leads are marketing or sales qualified, along with determining when a lead needs to be handed off to your sales team. It also ensures your sales team isn’t wasting time (and money) pursuing leads that aren’t ready to buy.

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If you’ve been practicing inbound marketing for a significant amount of time, you have probably started to generate leads for your business. As those leads come in, you might feel overwhelmed with how you handle them.

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How to Use Lead Nurturing for Sales

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Written by: Kade Wilcox


You could read every book or blog available about growing your business, and while you would probably gain a lot of really great information, it all boils down to one simple thing: you need to earn customers to grow.

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