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Black Friday - easily the busiest shopping day of the year in America. In fact, 77 million shoppers made it to retail stores on Black Friday in 2017. With those figures in mind, doesn’t it seem crazy for a brand to close its doors on that day? On the surface, it does, but REI Co-Op did it, and the result was something no one, except maybe REI, could have foreseen. 

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The marketing landscape is constantly shifting. It changes all the time, and being able to spot a trend from a paradigm shift is what sets successful brands apart. One marketing technique that is not a trend is partnering with influencers.

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As a tech or SaaS company, you have developed evolutionary industry software. Software that can not only enhance your overall efficiencies, but can increase revenue for your consumer. Most likely, your main goals and objectives are finding ways to drive product demos and subscriptions. Like many, your business has typically been word of mouth and referral based. You often attend trade shows, industry specific events, invest in print advertising, TV, radio, and may have even dabbled in some cold call campaigns. Also, like many tech companies, you have found it difficult to find a steady return on these marketing investments. It has also proved difficult to track conversions, reach, and engagement. You may have even started to question whether those avenues are truly the one and only way to reach new business. You have heard of the social media ‘hype’ but may have slightly feared it because it isn’t something you truly understand and you question how to use social media to its full potential.

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Social media can be an extremely viable tool in your marketing toolbox, but a lot of companies fall victim to jumping into social media without a strategy. They create accounts, post to them sporadically, and then designate social media as a strategy that doesn't work for their business.

What those businesses don't realize is that a stellar social media strategy can help propel their business to new heights.

How do we know this? We've employed numerous social media strategies for clients that have seen astounding results.

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