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Instagram rocked our social media world when it first made its entrance over nine years ago. The platform has continued to evolve throughout the years with new logos, added features, and more directions for our thumbs to swipe than ever. While many things have changed about Instagram, it has remained a fantastic tool that helps businesses connect with their audience.

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It’s almost 2020, which means your business is probably no stranger to having an account on social media. Given the amount of time that Americans spend on these platforms, it’s no longer an option for businesses who want to maintain a strong digital presence. In short, you need to be social.

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What once served as a way to share baby photos and life milestones with friends and family, social media has developed and blossomed into a legitimate cornerstone in many marketing strategies across the world. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, so, too, do the number of internet users and social media subscribers.

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It’s 2019 and no surprise to us that millions of people are engaging in social media every day. But, looking a bit more closely, a few more numbers surge to the surface. Stats like,

  • 4.5 million videos are being viewed on Youtube
  • 1 million people are logging on to Facebook
  • 2.1 million snaps are being created 
  • 4.8 million gifs are being served

Every. Minute.

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