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As a CEO, you make decisions every single day that affect the future of your company. Some of these decisions are straightforward and clear, while others require thought and an extensive list of pros and cons.

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Building custom software can be likened to building a new home. Just as a house is constructed to embrace the needs of the new homeowner that goes through phases, custom software is an iterative process that goes through intentional stages to ensure the end result satisfies the needs and requirements of the product owner.

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Chatbots are everywhere.

As our world evolves into an ecosystem of less face-to-face interaction and more face-to-screen communication, it’s no wonder chatbots are catching on, and quick.

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The blinders are on and you’ve developed an almost supernatural ability to block out any noise that doesn’t pertain to your company’s north star. Your business is officially running its own race: quality content has found an organic and consistent cadence, your sales team is nurturing leads and delighting customers, and your company’s culture has found a natural groove. However, we’ve seen this before and we’re sure to see it again. While the air might seem crisp and hands might be steady, there is generally always something bubbling beneath the surface. And for a lot of small and large companies alike, the devil is in the details of their software technology.

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