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The blinders are on and you’ve developed an almost supernatural ability to block out any noise that doesn’t pertain to your company’s north star. Your business is officially running its own race: quality content has found an organic and consistent cadence, your sales team is nurturing leads and delighting customers, and your company’s culture has found a natural groove. However, we’ve seen this before and we’re sure to see it again. While the air might seem crisp and hands might be steady, there is generally always something bubbling beneath the surface. And for a lot of small and large companies alike, the devil is in the details of their software technology.

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Most companies turn first to off-the-shelf software or cloud-based applications to meet their business needs. And rightly so: there are so many great options to choose from that can give you the tools you need to move your business forward. But every business has unique challenges and needs, and customized software could be the ideal solution for your specific problems or processes. It’s all about finding the right tool for the job and striking a balance between short-term needs and long-term growth. There are some distinct advantages to creating your own technology solutions, and a piece of custom-built software could be an important step in the growth of your business.

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Software is the backbone behind how numerous organizations operate. Whether it’s a CRM, a payroll software, a social media tool, or anything in between - software is vital for businesses to operate.

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Another year has gone by and your company is still spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on internal software solutions. Too often, companies find themselves at the mercy of third party technology systems. Instead of using one system to manage the daily needs of business operation, multiple tools are used to facilitate sales, payroll, internal data, inventory, client relations, billing and expenses. It is more often a headache and multistep process than a streamline business function.

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