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The world wide web, as we seem to rarely reference it nowadays, has arguably become a staple in today’s global commerce. Developed primarily in the early 1990s for commercial use, the internet really began to take shape in the 2000s as a hub for new inventions, thoughts and accessible knowledge. With over 30 years and counting of countless iterations, technical innovations and more, one might think the methods used to create a website have been overhauled time and time again. But, would you believe me if I told you that’s just not true?

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Web design companies seem to be opening on a daily basis. While we have a deep appreciation for self starters and we love that there are more options for businesses owners to choose from, the increase in the number of web designers out there also increases the likelihood that some business owners end up getting scammed by a so called “web designer”.

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As a coach and speaker on the topic of healthy website design and development, I spend an incredible amount of time educating business owners on the benefits of a custom website. I often find gaps in understanding, needing to not only enlighten companies on the differences between custom vs. templated sites, but also shift their perspective to a more sensible web approach.

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Your company’s website design can be the difference in your business flourishing or floundering. That statement sounds extreme, but it’s so true. Your website can be your single greatest digital asset, and it should be treated as such.

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