Using Chatbots for Lead Generation

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Written by: Tony Adragna

Posted on: August 23, 2018

As we’re rapidly approaching 2019, chances are high that you’ve read about the rise in chatbots as a marketing tool. The popularity in chatbots isn’t without good reason. Ultimately, they’re proving to be valuable for numerous businesses across the globe.

Think about the traditional lead generation process:

  • Website visitors search Google for an answer to their problem
  • They navigate to your website to read a blog post on that topic
  • At the bottom of the blog post, they click a call-to-action
  • The call-to-action takes them to a landing page
  • The user fills out a form and finally becomes a lead

While that isn’t a bad process and has proven to have positive results for numerous years, there are still a lot of places for a prospect to leave your site and never become a lead. A chatbot can help keep your website visitors engaged and ultimately become a lead.

Chatbots for Lead Generation

primitive-social-chatbot-exampleSo how exactly can chatbots aid your business in your lead generation strategy? When we say the opportunities are endless, we’re being serious. However, some of the top ways chatbots can help your lead gen strategy are below.

User Experience

Your website visitor’s experience on your site is crucial. With a poor experience, chances are slim that they ever become a lead. A chatbot can enhance a visitor’s experience by offering guidance and helpful tips, and even help a user to navigate to a page they didn’t know existed. A chatbot is essentially a tool that asks a user “what do you need help with and how can I help you find it?”

Quality Data

When users engage with your chatbot, they’re giving your business vital information about what your prospects are looking for. If you have numerous users asking about a certain topic that you don’t have resources for on your website, you know it’s probably time to create something around that topic. Giving your users what they want helps them feel more comfortable with your business and more willing to give you their contact info.

Cater Conversations

Chatbots can take conversations they’ve had in the past with users and cater the conversations based upon information that users had previously given them. This helps to create a stronger connection with your prospects and also allows your chatbot to offer relevant content to help ease them into becoming a lead.

Content Upgrades

You can also use chatbots as a tool for offering content upgrades when users are reading blog posts.

For example, let’s say a user is reaching the end of a robust blog post that your company produced. Your chatbot can pop up and offer an upgrade to the user in exchange for their contact information.

Exit Intent

A chatbot that becomes visible when a user is about to exit your site can be a viable strategy to keep prospects engaged and on your site. The more time users spend engaging with your site, the more likely they are to become a lead.

Content Still Matters

For years, we’ve heard the phrase “content is king.” Guess what? That line of thinking is no different with chatbots. You can’t haphazardly throw together a chatbot with low quality content and workflows and expect your leads to magically increase. Instead, it takes a concerted effort and strategic thinking for your chatbots to make a difference in your lead generation.

Chatbots can be an exciting addition to your marketing strategy. Looking for other advanced marketing tactics to employ? Download our free eBook below.

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