Using Chatbots in Your Marketing Strategy

Category: marketing technology

Written by: Tony Adragna

Posted on: August 14, 2018

Chatbots. If you’ve ready any sort of marketing piece of content over the course of the past year, you’ve probably seen that word pop up. It’s for good reason; chatbots are becoming prominent across the internet, and they’re something your audience may grow to expect as they interact with your website and social media pages.

Instead of being scared of the emergence of chatbots, you should be thinking about how you can use it in your marketing strategy to help your business.

Chatbots For Your Business

You may have read that chatbots can help propel your business, but you might have been left wondering how exactly you can use them. Fortunately, chatbots can have several different functions.

Communicate quickly with website users

When users visit your website, they’re typically navigating to it because they have a problem and are looking for a solution. A chatbot can be a perfect tool to discover a user’s problem and send them to the proper page of your website to help them find the answer.

It’s important to note that if you’re using a chatbot as a communication tool, you should set it up to have a human tone. You can even give it a name and a profile picture. The more human your bot feels, the more comfortable your website visitors will be interacting with it.

Collect data

You can use a chatbot to collect important data and information from website visitors. These include questions they’ve answered, pages they’ve visited, and more. By using your bot as a data collection tool, you can better personalize your website and messaging to your ideal persona.

Give product suggestions

You can use your chatbot to ask your visitors a series of questions and offer them products based upon their responses. This is yet another aspect of collecting data from visitors and using it to give them a personalized experience.

Schedule meetings

You can use a chatbot to get prospects to schedule meetings with your salespeople and executives when they visit your website. By offering them a natural way to communicate on your site and letting them schedule a meeting from whatever page they’re on, it’s convenient for them. Their convenience is to your benefit.

Improve response rates

When a prospect sends you a manual email or writes on your company’s Facebook wall, there’s a chance their message could slip through the cracks and be completely forgotten. Chatbots negate that, as they automatically respond to prospects, making them feel valued and appreciated by your business.slack-homepage-example

Integrate with messaging platforms

What’s really neat is that many chatbots can integrate with already established messaging systems, including Slack and Facebook Messenger. Creating bots that work on those platforms can help your business make a more genuine connection with prospects.

Creating Your Chatbot

So what exactly does it take to create a chatbot? The answer is, it depends on several different factors. Your process for creating your chatbot should look something like this:

  • Define your goals - What do you want your chatbot to accomplish? Understand what your chatbot needs to be capable of to accomplish the goals you create.
  • Where will it live? - Do you want your chatbot to interact with prospects on your website, on Facebook Messenger, your mobile app, or some other place on the internet?
  • Pick your platform - Unless you decide to code a Chatbot from scratch, you need to pick a platform that can help you accomplish your goals. These are some of our favorite sites that can help you build a great chatbot:
  • Create and launch - Add the logic and algorithms to your chatbot to ensure that it functions how you envisioned. Once you finally have the chatbot working how you planned, launch it.
  • Analyze - Analyze how the chatbot is working toward the goals you set. Don’t be afraid to test and adjust your chatbot as you analyze its results.

Using chatbots in your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be intimidating. Instead, use a chatbot as a tool to help you reach your marketing goals.

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