What Can Growth-Driven Design Do for Your Business?

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Written by: Scott Umberfield

Posted on: April 10, 2019

The traditional web design process leaves much to be desired. Months and months of planning and building, a huge upfront investment, an ever-increasing scope and missed deadlines, and all for a website that needs to be replaced in a year or two because it’s outdated. If you’ve experienced these headaches before, or if any of these things are holding your business back from making improvements to your website, you’ll be delighted to know that there is a better way.

Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is a faster, less risky, more flexible approach to web design that involves data-backed decisions, monthly updates, and less costs up-front. A website designed with GDD principles can bring your business faster results, a smaller drain on your resources, and a highly optimized shopping experience for your customers.


The growth-driven design process has three main stages:

  1. Strategy: This is where the design agency gathers information about your company, your audience, and how the two intersect. By understanding your ideal customer and what sorts of questions, desires, and motivations they have, the agency can make a strategy for your website that will speak to them in a way they will relate to and that can help solve their problems.
  2. Launch Pad: After identifying the primary goals of the new site, a new version is quickly built and deployed. This site will already look and perform better than your current site, but it’s still not the final site. This initial version is the foundation upon which a highly optimized final version will be built. Having a prototype rapidly deployed will allow you to start gathering user information faster.
  3. Measure and Improve: With your launch pad site live, the final stage begins. Your design agency will gather user data from site visitors and use it to identify areas of improvements and fine-tuning. Through a series of regular iterations and improvements, your website will become better and better suited to delighting your customers and meeting their needs. The goal is to have a high-performing website that has been highly optimized through data-driven decisions.


It gets you results faster.

An integral part of the GDD approach is getting your new site up and running as quickly as possible so it starts bringing you results sooner. You’re no longer redesigning from the ground up, but making incremental changes designed to increase your site’s performance. Many conventionally designed websites can take up to six months or longer to go live. A GDD website often takes less than half that time, meaning you’re getting page visits and business while you optimize.

It saves you money.It-saves-you-money

Most website redesigns are a huge investment of money and time. Hubspot estimates that the average brand-new website for a small to medium-sized business can cost up to $80,000 up front. Not only that, the process usually involves a substantial amount of resources from your internal team, from strategy and approvals to providing content, assets, and other information. GDD is a lower upfront cost, so it’s less of a risky investment. And instead of a set-it-and-forget-it approach, you can be guaranteed that your site will meet the needs of your audience and lead them to convert.

It gives you data and insight.

Information is insight, and GDD takes the guesswork out of creating a new website by using data to drive its evolution. You won’t have to guess at future trends in web design and functionality and try to build your site to anticipate them. Your GDD site will change and grow along with your business, providing you with a high-performing site that’s always up to date and optimized for the way your customers use it. Not only that, but by taking an analytical look at the way customers interact with your website, it will give you valuable insight on how they think and shop.

The Growth-Driven Design approach can offer you advantages in all these ways and more. It’s a flexible, customer-focused, data-driven approach to web design that removes some of the guesswork and risk involved with a new website. It’s about refining, not redesigning, and it’s an approach that drives optimal results using speed, iteration, and data-driven improvements.

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