Where to Invest Your Digital Marketing Budget in 2019

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Written by: Tony Adragna

Posted on: December 18, 2018

As 2018 has come and gone, it’s time to take a look at digital marketing in 2019. Where should you be investing your marketing dollars? Will there be drastic shifts from 2018? Are there new opportunities your business needs to invest in?

Your business should be excited about the opportunities that 2019 will bring, but it also needs to be strategic about where its investing its marketing budget.

2019 Digital Marketing Budget

Content, Content, Content

Content is the crux of all digital marketing departments, and that isn’t going anywhere in 2019. In fact, it’s only going to grow - which means your team needs to budget for it.

A content marketing strategy enables your marketing team to help position your brand as thought leaders across your industry.

Think about the goals of your digital marketing team in 2019 and the assets you’ll need to accomplish them. Content is almost always vital to all of them. This includes:

  • Blog posts
  • eBooks/white papers
  • Social media posts
  • Ads
  • Website copy

Properly investing in content can help propel your business to new heights in 2019.


drift-on-phoneChatbots soared in popularity in 2018, and that trend will continue into 2019. As consumers grow to expect authentic, helpful conversations with brands, chatbots allow your business to have that helpful presence.

Not only do chatbots allow your brand to quickly communicate with website users, they also allow you to:

  • Collect important user data
  • Give product recommendations
  • Schedule meetings
  • Provide helpful content

The opportunities that chatbots afford your brand are almost endless, but investing in the right platform is key. Some of our favorite sites that can aid you in building the perfect chatbot include:

Your Website

Your website is one of your only digital assets that you have complete control over - yet it’s also one of the only digital assets that businesses tend to ‘set and forget’ for a couple years.

2019 is the year to change that. With a new, growth-driven website design approach, the ‘set it and forget it’ days are done. The growth-driven design approach uses data-backed information to make website optimizations on a monthly basis.

The beauty of this approach to website design is that it allows you to spread your investment out monthly over 2019, rather than in one large chunk.

Your Team

Your employees are your most important asset. Without strong employees, it doesn’t matter how robust your marketing strategy is, it will never be 100% effective. It’s why your team is such an important factor in your marketing budget.

Whether that means you need to hire new employees or an agency partner to effectively achieve business growth, or you need to invest in your current employees to maintain a positive culture, it’s important that your team knows they are valued in 2019, and your budget should reflect that.

As 2018 closes and 2019 ramps up, be sure that your digital marketing budget reflects the investments necessary to help your business grow.

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