Why You Should Conduct More Than One Interview When Hiring

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Written by: Leisa Redmon

Posted on: July 1, 2019

Depending upon the position your company is looking to fill, your HR department might encounter double, or even triple, digits of resumes and CVs all from individuals vying for a spot on your team’s roster. Once your list of applicants has been narrowed down based on predetermined criteria, a round of interviews can take place. However, with an average, initial, phone interview lasting 30 minutes or less, how self-assured can one be when making these hiring decisions?

Through a second, more in-depth interview, you can assess the best against the best. As the rising cost of employee turnover is now said to be valued at between six to nine months salary, it’s becoming increasingly essential to cross t’s, dot i’s and be fully confident in your new employee.

Here are just a few reasons why you should conduct more than one interview when looking to hire. 

Culture fitCulture-fit

Your company’s culture is your brand. As a word that can embody both the positive and negative inner workings of a company, it’s important to consistently audit your culture to ensure it aligns with the personality – mission, values, ethics, expectations, goals, and environment – of your business. While annual fantasy football leagues and weekly catered lunches have absolutely found their place in companies around the world, what happens after a workplace disagreement, or when your lucky nap pod has been taken? Can you envision your new hire sitting next to a member of your tribe after the luster is gone? Not everyone you like is going to be a good fit, and that’s ok. However, a second interview provides an ideal platform to thoroughly assess whether or not the prospective employee would make a good culture fit. 

An opportunity to zig when they zag

The blueprint of a job interview has been tested time and time again. In fact, a simple Google search of the words “job interview” yields over 1.4 billion results with the first-page chock-full of articles dictating the secrets to succeeding in an interview, and even 4 Ways to Avoid Botching a Job Interview. There are rarely any surprises or notes of innovation that catch the potential new hire off guard. Not that any employer sets out to entrap the newest member of their team, but there is an advantage of zigging when someone thinks you’re going to zag.

  • Take a new prospect out to lunch to see how they interact with people of all service levels. Do they treat them as equals?
  • Ask for thoughts on a new project. Are they willing to offer their opinion or are they nervous to assert themselves?
  • Show them around your digs. Are they curious and respectful? Or uninterested and ready to finish the interview?

Your potential prospect should interview you, too!

Having a second interview allows the potential new hire to think about questions or concerns that might have risen from the first interaction. Not only does this allow the prospect to interview the company to see if the working relationship will be a good fit, but this also allows the employer to see in real-time how the interviewee thinks and analyzes information – a good method towards determining if they have the appropriate skills for the respective position.

The first person you consider being the perfect fit for your company just might not be the best in the long run. But, trust us. It’s better to be honest with this process now in order to save you time, energy, and finances down the road. 

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