Why Your Website is Your Most Important Marketing Asset

Category: digital marketing

Written by: Scott Umberfield

Posted on: February 21, 2019

In the present landscape of social media pages, digital ads, blog posts, and apps, your website is still your most valuable digital marketing asset. It sits in a unique place among your collective marketing content, and there’s nothing that quite matches it for reach, impact, and credibility. Unlike almost any other avenue of marketing, either physical or digital, you have complete control over your website: you aren’t at the mercy of other platforms like Facebook or Twitter that simply act as the host for your content. This is a burden of responsibility, but it’s also a huge advantage in how you can craft the experience and the power you have over making changes. There’s more to your website than meets the eye, and it plays a larger part in your marketing strategy than it may seem.

Always on, always here

Your website can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. It’s the epitome of convenience and visibility in a world that is seeing continual drift away from brick-and-mortar retailers. This is especially true with mobile devices, which are rapidly approaching computers as the preferred method of making personal purchases. A good website is equally friendly on mobile and desktop, and a website that is mobile-optimized will rank higher with Google. Email opens on mobile now outnumber email opens on desktop, and if you run email campaigns, it will be seamless experience for these people who view your email on mobile and then navigate to your website.

Every answer to every question

Your website is your best chance to meet prospects where they’re at, and by that, we mean that a well-designed website will appeals to leads at every stage of your sales funnel. It can expose potential customers to your brand and product, it can answer questions people may have about the particulars, and it is a destination for those who are actively looking to buy. It houses all of your content, from blog posts and downloadable content offers to landing pages, forms, and contact info. This means that someone who wants to know more about you and your product will almost certainly start their search at your website, regardless of what stage of the buying process they’re in. Your website does not solely exist to create conversions (though that is one of the end goals), but your website is also a marketing tool that can answer questions and offer value to your audience, wherever they may find themselves in the buyer’s journey.

Your strategy’s anchor

At the very center of your digital marketing strategy lies your website, bringing all your different channels and advertising avenues together. It’s the backbone of your online presence, and the eventual landing locations for your online leads regardless of channel. You need somewhere for all your marketing content to lead to, somewhere that eventually leads your customers to the point of purchase. A helpful and delightful website ties all of your various efforts together, creating a unified brand and an intuitive visitor experience that feels like a natural extension of the other pieces that may have led them there.

Actionable insight

Actionable-insightThe behavior of your leads as they engage with your website can give you insight into who they are and what they are interested in. Which blog articles are the most read and shared? Which of your forms are being filled out most regularly? Is there higher traffic to some pages than to others? A wealth of engagement data from your website is at your fingertips if you’re tracking it correctly. Make sure you’re using it to make informed decisions when it comes to revising your website and refining your digital strategy as a whole.

Best foot forward

Your website is often the first point of contact between you and a potential customer, and it’s your best opportunity to make a good first impression. A great website is your best salesperson: always on, always looking their best, capable of answering hundreds or even thousands of questions every day. Don’t underestimate the power of your website to be an influencing factor in the way people perceive your company or your product. A website experience is just like a shopping experience at a physical store, where a good experience can encourage people to buy, and a bad experience can drive them away.

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