How to Grow Your Business Through Content Marketing

Kade Wilcox, Owner and CEO of Primitive Social, breaks down how he and his team were able to reach their goals in a span of three years. Together with Leon of Business Owners Elevation, they discussed why it is crucial to set proper expectations for your clients, the importance of hiring the right team members and what they did differently to reach their sales goals.

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The Secrets to Explosive Growth

Kade Wilcox, Primitive Social's owner and CEO, sits down with Dr. Doug and Friends to discuss how Primitive Social grew from a startup business to over 4 million dollars in revenue in less than four years. 

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Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Kade Wilcox, Primitive Social's owner and CEO, sat down with the folks at Cash Flow Diary to discuss digital marketing for small businesses. Within this episode, Kade discusses how Primitive Social started, Primitive Social's vision, and how small businesses can effectively market themselves.

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Scaling From $100K To $4M – How We Did It

Our CEO - Kade Wilcox - discussed how he was able to scale Primitive Social from $100,000 to $4,000,000 in a relatively short period of time. Within the podcast, Kade talks about how he brought his wife - Lacey - into the business, his positive experience partnering with our CTO, Jerred Hurst, and the details that are important for businesses to grow.

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From a Startup to $4 Million + In Sales Within 5 Years

The Thrive Time Show hosted Kade Wilcox on their podcast to talk about how he grew Primitive Social to over 4 million dollars in sales in just a short time. Kade also discusses his background, how the business started, his partnership with Jerred Hurst, and the key ingredients to help Primitive Social grow.

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Helping Companies Grow

Primitive Social has helped other companies grow by creating digital marketing and sales strategies. Kade Wilcox sat down with the 'School for Startups' radio show to discuss how Primitive Social has helped companies grow, along with discussing Primitive Social's own internal growth.

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When the Agency Outgrows its Name and its Geography

When Primitive Social was founded back in 2011, it was a 'side hustle' that revolved around managing business Facebook pages. Fast forward over seven years later, and Primitive Social is much more than that. In this podcast, Kade Wilcox discusses how Primitive Social has outgrown its name and geography, and the opportunities and challenges that creates from a business standpoint.

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