Name: Liz Langford
Position: Office Manager
Location: Lubbock
Job Description:

I am the office manager of Primitive Social in Lubbock. I keep the office running smoothly and stocked with plenty of coffee and snacks. I also do the bookkeeping and payroll.

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3 Tips to Help Remote Teams Succeed

Category: Business Growth

Written by: Lacey Wilcox


Remote work is a pretty sweet gig for both employers and employees. It allows businesses to hire talent that they might not have access to locally, and having fewer people work in the office can help cut costs. For employees, remote work can provide flexibility and autonomy, and the ability to earn an income while staying close to kids or family. And let’s be honest, the ability to wear your favorite slippers while working is a very compelling part of the deal, too.

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Building and launching a new website is an exciting time for your business. However, don’t let the excitement of your new site force you into launching it prematurely.

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5 Copywriting Hacks to Drive Sales

Category: copywriting

Written by: Lacey Wilcox


We can spend a lot of time talking about the importance of creating an excellent product or service, of providing great customer service and care, and building a brand that is founded on offering value. Those things are good, right, and necessary.

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