Parents, teachers, and obsessive librarians will all tell you that it’s better to be early rather than late. Procrastination is a tendency we all struggle with at times, whether it’s hitting snooze on our alarm, forgetting to return library books, or tackling chores like meal planning or spring cleaning.

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Today’s customers are more informed and empowered to make decisions than ever before. They’re coming to your business looking for solutions to their problems. Once they’re in a position to decide whether or not to trust your business with their needs, you need to be ready to help them move from consideration to decision quickly and carefully.

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How You Can Use Drift for Qualifying Leads

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Written by: Scott Umberfield


Conversational marketing: It’s an exciting new idea in the world of lead qualification, and if your job lies somewhere on the spectrum of marketing and sales, maybe you’ve heard of it. You may also be aware that the conventional process of gathering leads, qualifying them, and connecting them to your sales team is fraught with inefficiencies, wasted time, and mixed results.

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Employee Spotlight: Jake Picken

Category: Primitive Social team

Written by: Heather Parker


Name:  Jake Picken

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