Black Friday - easily the busiest shopping day of the year in America. In fact, 77 million shoppers made it to retail stores on Black Friday in 2017. With those figures in mind, doesn’t it seem crazy for a brand to close its doors on that day? On the surface, it does, but REI Co-Op did it, and the result was something no one, except maybe REI, could have foreseen. 

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Reflections From An All Team Meeting

Category: Business Growth

Written by: Kade Wilcox


Last month, we held our second all team meeting. It was an incredible couple of days, and really beneficial for our entire team.

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How the Dodo Built a Successful Brand


Written by: Lacey Wilcox


If you’ve spent much time in the rabbit hole that is the internet, you’ve probably found yourself enjoying a wide range of animal videos on the Dodo, or one of its social networks. While the website has proven itself a pretty great place to spend your time on the internet (sorry, Candy Crush), it’s not just a means of avoiding laundry and work. It’s also a great example for marketers in what it means to successfully build a brand.

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Name: Austin Scott-Looney
Position: Copy Architect
Location: Lubbock
Job Description:
I’m in charge of writing copy for several different clients on the inbound team. That includes social calendars, blogs, content offers, and more.

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