Employee Spotlight: Audra Coffman

Category: Primitive Social

Written by: Heather Parker


Name: Audra Coffman
Position: Copy Architect
Location: Lubbock
Job Description: I am responsible for creating engaging, compelling messages for a wide variety of target audiences.
Education: B.A. Journalism Texas Tech University 2015

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Marketing your business without measuring the results is like throwing darts at a dartboard with a blindfold on: you’ll probably miss most of the time, and even if you do hit a bullseye, how would you even know? Measuring results is a critical component of any marketing strategy and the only way to truly know if you’re making a return on your investment. You eliminate the guesswork of whether or not something is working, and you’ll save yourself stress and headaches down the road.

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How a Chatbot Can Help Qualify Leads

Category: chatbots

Written by: Lacey Wilcox


Think about the last time you went into a clothing store. Odds are pretty good that within less than five minutes of walking through the front door, you were greeted by a salesperson offering to help you find what you need.

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What to Consider When Hiring a Marketing Agency

Category: Marketing

Written by: Scott Umberfield


Marketing in-house vs. hiring a marketing agency can be a big decision. Small companies in particular will be accustomed to doing their own marketing, and it can be tough to know when the efforts outweigh the results. 

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