When companies implement inbound marketing, often times their first step is to generate as many leads as possible. But, what most businesses quickly realize is that not all leads are created equal. Some leads: 

  • Are in the exploration phase
  • Don’t have the means to purchase your products or services
  • Meet certain criteria that indicate they are ready to be handed off to sales
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As a CEO, you make decisions every single day that affect the future of your company. Some of these decisions are straightforward and clear, while others require thought and an extensive list of pros and cons.

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Almost all of America, let alone the world, is familiar with donuts and the Krispy Kreme franchise. Whether yeasty, cake-like, or filled to capacity with jellies and bavarian cremes, the thought process is practically universal – Krispy Kreme donuts are insanely yummy, and no one is actively seeking out day-old crullers or stale sugary bread.

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As we’re all looking ahead to the roaring 20s, it’s a great time to evaluate your digital marketing strategy in order to set yourself up for a successful year. But before you can do that effectively, you need to know what actually goes into a successful strategy.

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