6 Articles You Must Read About the Applications of AI in Marketing

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Written by: Lacey Wilcox

Posted on: July 26, 2018

Recently, you may have felt like reading marketing blogs is actually a disjointed script for Back to the Future. We read terms like virtual reality, voice search, chatbots, and artificial intelligence, and are tempted to dismiss them as things of the future.

But just like that annoying poster in your high school counselor’s office says, the future is now. These so called “futuristic” terms are actually a significant part of our marketing reality today. This means your team needs to be ready to embrace and use this technology to grow your

One technology that your marketing team must understand and be prepared to use is that of artificial intelligence (AI for short). While AI has been around awhile, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of ways we can use it in tandem with our marketing efforts.

Why Should Your Business Care About AI?

It’s very easy to dismiss artificial intelligence as unnecessary, a fad, or a frivolous tool that your marketing team doesn’t need to worry about to grow your business.

But AI isn’t just a fad. It’s not a cool piece of technology that is here today and gone tomorrow. It’s already had a big impact on things like online advertising, content creation, and website personalization, and it’s only going to become more impactful as developers continue to refine it and more businesses become comfortable with using it.

With technology like artificial intelligence, it’s not a question of if so much as when. More and more businesses are going to incorporate AI into their marketing strategy. Starting now means your business will be ahead of the curve and not behind it.

Learn About AI in Marketing

A search for the term “artificial intelligence” will pull up a measly 405 million results. Unless your superpower is speed reading and rapid processing of information, that can seem like a pretty daunting amount of content to wade through. Below we’ve selected six articles that lay a good foundation for using AI in your marketing.

Artificial intelligence is a technology you’re going to want to invest in for your business, and these articles are a great place to start in deciding which applications work best for your team, as well as how to create a strategy for incorporating AI into your marketing.

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