6 Reasons to Build a Custom Software Solution

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Written by: Tony Adragna

Posted on: August 14, 2018

It’s amazing how many robust pieces of software there are for businesses to use. But you may still find yourself wishing you could add or subtract from various software platforms to suit your business’ needs. Often times, building a custom software solution may be your best bet.

In this blog, we discuss six reasons your business may want to build a custom software solution.

No Software Fits All of Your Needs

This is the main reason your business may decide to hire a developer to build a piece of custom software. As we mentioned, there are numerous software solutions out there, but you may run into the case where there isn’t one that can effectively help you with your business.

Nobody knows your business better than you do, so if you build a software that can specifically fit your needs, it can help you be more effective and efficient in managing your business.


As businesses start, it may not be a big deal to have numerous spreadsheets and sticky notes all over the place, but as your business grows, those things aren’t scalable. Your numerous spreadsheets and sticky notes make your business seem unorganized, which decreases efficiency.

Instead of having multiple documents all over the place, it may be a better idea to build a custom solution that can house all of your notes and data that all of your decision-makers can have access to.

custom software solution costsCost

Believe it or not, building your own software solution can actually be CHEAPER for your business. Pre-built software can have large up-front costs plus yearly licensing fees. You may be surprised to find out that building your own application can be much more effective for your business while actually being a cheaper solution.

Custom Branding

Your business may be able to differentiate yourselves from your competitors by having a piece of software that is custom branded. Your software may function very similarly as another piece of software, but being able to add your custom branding to it can help set your business apart from the competition.

Using Multiple Softwares

If your employees have to use five different applications to get their job done effectively, it might be time to look into investing in a custom software solution that incorporates everything your employees need. Purchasing numerous software solutions can be expensive, but it also doesn’t allow your employees to work as efficiently as possible having to switch back and forth between solutions.

Communicate With 3rd Party Software

Many ‘off-the-shelf’ software applications aren’t built to work with other pieces of software that your business may use. When you develop your own software, you can integrate with a wider set of APIs from other software sources so that your application can communicate with 3rd party software.

Building a custom software solution for your business can be very beneficial for you, your employees, your prospects, and your customers.

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