Are You Asking Your Customers the Right Questions?

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Written by: Lacey Wilcox

Posted on: October 16, 2019

Our digital world has brought about some pretty incredible changes, from the way we order food to how we pay our bills to how we find a healthcare provider. Marketing is no stranger to these changes as well. Gone are the days when a radio ad would help your company earn new customers. 

But while many things have changed about how we attract and keep customers, some things about customer relations haven’t changed. And one of those things is the importance of asking your customers questions. If you don’t ask the right questions, it’s impossible to be certain that you’re serving your customers effectively.

Wondering which questions you should ask your customers? We’re sharing some of our favorites below!

Why Questions Matter

We so often forget that what we enter into with our customers is a relationship. And that relationship progresses by building trust, which requires asking and answering questions. Think about this in a real-life application: when is the last time you decided instantly to be best friends with a person you just met? 

With this in mind, how can we expect to build and maintain a strong, positive relationship with our customers without engaging them with questions? It’s the only way to find out if your business is meeting their needs and expectations.

Which Questions Help Build Strong Customer Relationships?

Regular client meetings (either in-person or over a video call) are a great way to maintain positive touchpoints with your clients to keep your work at the front of their mind and to address any concerns they have instantly and in-person (even if “in-person” actually means a video call). Focus on asking questions that are intentional, active, and specific – “How are things going?” doesn’t really help to build strong customer relations.

The questions will be specific to your customer and your business, but here is a great list to get you started:

  • What are your goals for the next 30 - 60 days? What about the next quarter or year? It’s your job to be proactive with your clients, so you should be the one always looking ahead to make sure you achieve their goals. 
  • Do you feel we have been communicating with you effectively?Do-you-feel-we-have-been-communicating-with-you-effectively If not, how can we improve? Communication is key to any good relationship, and this is especially true with your customers. Once you get in a good groove with this, you won’t have to ask a question about communication preferences every month, but keep asking until you get it right!
  • Do you have any events, holidays, promotions, etc. coming up that we need to be preparing for in the next few weeks or months? Again, be the one who is proactive in this relationship. It’s what your customer pays and trusts you to do for them.
  • What can you tell me about your target customer that we need to know for the next quarter? Find out everything you can about your customer’s ideal buyer so that you can do everything possible to reach them. If your client can’t answer this question, help them create buyer personas.
  • What are the biggest problems your clients have with your company? How can we address this or help you fix it? No business is perfect, but we can all keep working to get better. If your client is consistently having an issue with their own customers, help them find a way to fix the problem. It will go a long way in earning their trust and respect. 
  • What were you most satisfied with in regards to our work this past month? What left you most dissatisfied with our work? Again, no business is perfect, yours included, so the goal has to always be to improve. Even if you had a great month, 60 days, or quarter for this client, find a way to improve your process to help this customer succeed even more.
  • What can we do to earn your business for another year? One of the biggest indicators that you are caring for customers well is whether or not they are going to trust you for another year. 

Want to Succeed? Know Your Customer

You have to know your customer inside and out in order to have a healthy, thriving business. There is no way to get around that fact. And the only way to truly know your customer is to set up regular meetings and ask intentional questions like the ones we have here. 

Ready to begin the process of building a strategy for effective, positive customer relations? It starts by identifying your ideal customers. Check out our free buyer persona template below!

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