I remember when LinkedIn first came into play, I was just finishing up school. I set up my profile like I would a resume and didn’t think anything else of it. Now, over a decade later, I rely on LinkedIn for the latest industry trends, economic news, and networking. It has been amazing to experience the evolution of LinkedIn from a small employment listing platform to the largest B2B networking platform with over 500 million users.

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No matter the phase of your SaaS company, startup or seasoned, your goal is and has been to maximize your demo requests. As a seasoned business, there may have been a time when traditional marketing proved effective. But now, the trade shows, mailers, and billboard ads, on their own, have lost traction. As a startup, you may think list buying and cold calling are the way to go. You might try contracting an outbound agency, but a few months in they fail to execute. They come up empty on their promise to deliver demo-ready leads and the forced calls may have started to negatively impact your brand identity.

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As a tech or SaaS company, you have developed evolutionary industry software. Software that can not only enhance your overall efficiencies, but can increase revenue for your consumer. Most likely, your main goals and objectives are finding ways to drive product demos and subscriptions. Like many, your business has typically been word of mouth and referral based. You often attend trade shows, industry specific events, invest in print advertising, TV, radio, and may have even dabbled in some cold call campaigns. Also, like many tech companies, you have found it difficult to find a steady return on these marketing investments. It has also proved difficult to track conversions, reach, and engagement. You may have even started to question whether those avenues are truly the one and only way to reach new business. You have heard of the social media ‘hype’ but may have slightly feared it because it isn’t something you truly understand and you question how to use social media to its full potential.

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6 Social Media Misconceptions

Category: Social Media Marketing

Written by: Jessica Hicks


Want to take your small business to the next level? I love coming across ambitious small business owners. Business owners that are hungry, ready to scale, divide and conquer. Perhaps, business is starting to slow down so there is an anxiousness, an eagerness to generate more leads and expand brand recognition. Perhaps, competition has set in, and the aim is to keep your small business on top. Or, perhaps you have been slacking on your digital presence and have begun to realize you are no longer relevant online, or ranking in google search.

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